Friday, May 22, 2009

Boys, Dresses, and Black Eyes

This week the weather has been really nice and the past few days the temperatures have reach the 80's. For Emma the warmer weather means she can wear her summer dresses which she has been dying to do. So far all of her summer dresses are sleeveless kinds.

Yesterday was the first day I let her wear one and she choose to wear this really cute pink strapy one that has orange and white flowers on it. She looked so cute it in but really she always looks cute! :) When I got to the sitters after work yesterday my cute little Emma came running up to me talking a million miles a minute. Once I got her to calm down and speak slower I was filled in on the activities of the day.

It seems that yesterday morning one of the 3 year old little boys at the sitters stuck his head up Emma's dress. Her being the proper girl that she is pushed him away and told the sitter so he got in trouble. It doesn't stop there though, a little later in the day that same boy pulled Emma's dress up and stuck his hand down her underwear. This time Emma screamed and turned around and punched the little boy in the eye giving him a black eye. Of course the sitter snatched the little boy up and he received a long lecture and spent a long time in timeout. She also talked to the little boys parents when they picked him up so hopefully they talked to their son so that he doesn't do that again.

As for me I'm not really sure how to feel about this. I know the kid is only 3 but it still seems like he should know not to do something like that. It also makes me wonder where he would have got the idea to do that. What I do know for sure is that I am very proud of my daughter for standing up for herself. Dave and I truly believe that if someone is doing something harmful to you that you have the right to fight back and Emma seems to understand that concept. Of course the kids and I talked about this on our way home yesterday and I was able to reiterate to them that Emma's reaction to what happen was ok and that no one should ever touch those parts of their bodies unless it's a doctor and mommy and daddy are there. It is nice to know that even at such a young age Emma seems to be able to take care of herself.


Anonymous said...

Love that story. Go Emma! I'm sure that little boy didn't mean anything by it. He was probably ultra curious. I'm impressed that Emma gave him a what-for. Good for her! - tif

Missy said...

Oh my! I am positive my Emma would do the same thing your Emma did. I hope & pray Abby would too but she is the shy one. And I can not imagine how you feel - I am not sure I would feel either but would be so happy my daughter(s) stuck up for themselves. Way to Go Emma!!!!

Raven said...

So glad your little girl took up for herself. I can't believe that a 3 year old would know to do something like that. That reflects on his parents! How horrible! :(