Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sister Update

No no I have not fallen off the face of the earth I've just been a little out of sorts. There has been so much going on in the past 2 months most of which has been very stressful. I think I have moved past most of that now but I'm still dealing with some work crap.

Of course the biggest stress in my life has been my sister's Cancer. Last week my Aunt Pat and I flew to San Diego to be with her during her surgery. We were able to fly in the day before and we toured the city and did a ton of sightseeing.

Wend morning we took Steph to the hospital for her surgery. It was only supposed to last 3 hours tops so when we hit the 3 hour mark and had not heard anything we started to worry. At the 4 hour mark they finally came out and talked to us. Everything had gone fine, the cancer had not spread to the lyphmnodes but there was a nodule on the opposite side from the tumor. They took the whole thyroid just to be safe.

The next 8 hours for Steph were really hard. She had a reaction to the anesthesia which made her very sick to her stomach. I know what it feels like to get sick after having a c-section so I can only imagine how it would feel to vomit after having your neck sliced open. After 4 different medications they finally found one that stopped the vomiting and she was able to get some sleep. They were also able to get her calcium levels up so she only had to spend one night there.

The next few days we took Steph out on some short trips. My sister does not sit still for long periods of time and hates to be confined so this was necessary to keep her sane. My Aunt and I also spent and afternoon with Stephs car doing some shopping while Steph was at home with her boyfriend.

Our last day in San Diego Steph was feeling much better so we all went to the beach on Coronado Island for the afternoon and my feet got burnt.

We fly home on Sunday and my mom fly out Sunday to be with Steph this week. She has had her stitches removed and her post op appointment. It looks like she will have her radiation treatments in about 6 weeks. The type of Cancer she had will require a radiation that you can't be on medication for so this will take every ounce of energy away from Steph but other than that things are looking really good!

As soon as I can find the time I will post some pictures from my trip. San Diego is truly a beautiful city and you should go if you haven't been.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter 2010

This year we spent Easter the same way we have the past four years. We started on Saturday by going to my grandma's house. It was strange this year because my sister wasn't there but other than that it was a normal Easter for our family. We ate a great meal and then my Aunt Pat and I laid the trails to all the kids Easter baskets. In our family the grandma's get the kids baskets each year and the way they find their is by following the trail of Easter eggs with their initials on them. We figure since they are 7 and under hiding the eggs would still be too hard.

Once the kids were back inside playing with all their new stuff my Aunt and I sat down to book our plane tickets to San Diego. We leave in just two days and I can't wait to see my sister.

Sunday morning we woke up to Emma nearly in tears because she had come downstairs and there were no eggs or baskets anywhere. Her exact words to me were "but mommy Ian and I were so good I promise! Why didn't the Easter Bunny leave us a basket?" I had to tell her that I bet the bunny just hid them really well. Of course that is exactly what he did. See since it was so nice outside this year the bunny left there eggs and baskets outside. So once Dave and I got up we took them outside to look.

Then it was time to get ready to go up to Dave's mom house for more eggs and baskets.

Finally we were able to come home and relax for a while before bed time while the kids worked on the activity books that the Easter bunny got for them. It was a wonderful weekend spent with family.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Big Three Zero

On the 23rd of March Dave turned 30. It may not seem like I did anything for him since I have said anything but I did. There was no way I was going to let it go buy without a party.

Dave and I invited all our friends and a large amount of our family to celebrate with us. I think Dave was a little worried about having the odd mix of people all together but it worked very well. It was so nice to have so many people share this big moment with us. I ordered the food from Hoggy's and it was a nice change to not have to run around the night before a make a ton of food for everyone.

We got lucky that the weather was nice that day so allot of people ended up hanging outside until it got dark. Most of our family headed out early which left the friends to hang out and drink and just have a good time. It was nice and something both Dave and I needed. All and all it was a great evening and I'm glad I had the party for Dave.

Of course I can't let you go without some pictures from the evening.

Shanna and Me

Joe, Dave, and Dave

The Cake

Emma and Ian

Me and Dave (ignore the finger please)

Noah and Tif (trying to get him to sleep)