Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Huntington Park

Here in Columbus we have the farm team for the Cleveland Indians, the Columbus Clippers. Last year they were given a new stadium in the arena district downtown but we never made it to a game. This year we have made it to two games so far and I hope to go to more. The new park is beautiful and lots of fun.

The first game we went to was at the end of May for a goodbye party for my friend Shanna who has since moved to Texas. It was a very sunny, very hot Sunday afternoon but we still had a great time and I got these awesome pictures.

The second game was last night for Ian's baseball league. The players all got to walk out on the field while there teams were announced. On of the older kids was able to throw out the first pitch which had to of been a pretty cool feeling for him.

Ian is the tiny little guy with the number 10 shirt on. This time not only did we have Jenn, Tim, Andrew, and Tyler with us but my sister Steph flew in from San Diego yesterday and came to the game with her best friend and my sister-in-law. The weather was perfect last night for the game and the Clippers won.

There is nothing more American than a sunny day, cloudless night, hot dogs, beer, peanuts, cracker jacks, ice cream, and baseball so I think this was the perfect week to take it all in.


During this very busy spring and early summer of t-ball, t-ball, gymnastics, t-ball and more t-ball Dave and I were able to spend a little time re-doing the landscaping in our front yard.

When we moved in our front yard looked like this

It was all builder grade plants that had the same feel as an apartment complex. I am not a fan of anything in the pine or evergreen family. I'm sure it doesn't help that I'm allergic to them but beyond that I just don't like them. I was so happy the day I came home from work and Dave had them dug up.

That same evening we took a trip to Home Depo to check things out and finalize our plan. We picked out most of the plants we wanted to place in the front and we found some nice stone edging. After a little convincing I was able to talk Dave into the new shape of the flower bed.

Finally on Father's Day (Dave's idea not mine) we purchased all our supplies. The edging, a couple of boxwood's, a hydrangea bush, hostas, and a few annuals that I can't remember the name of. After 4 very long, very hot hours we finally finished everything. After adding some solar lights and a flag we have this.

I think Dave said it best "now it looks like a home and not an apartment complex!"