Tuesday, April 29, 2008

May's Bookclub: Remember Me

OK I know it's not May yet but since Shanna sent out an email with her book early I went ahead and got it and read it.

May's book is Remember Me by Sophia Kinsella. She is the author of the Shopaholic series which happen to be my favorite books. Another reason why I went ahead and got the book. Like all of Kinsella's books Remember Me has a little bit of mystery, some comedy, allot of romance, and it ends on a good note.

Remember Me is about a women Lexi Smart who wakes up in the hospital thinking it is two years earlier than it really is. She can't remember anything that has happened in the last two years. She quickly finds out that her not so perfect life has become perfect, or so she thinks. This book takes you through how Lexi copes with having amnesia and how it helps her to grow as a person. Of course there are more than a few twist and turns but in the end it all works out.

The only bad thing I can say about this book is that it ended. I can only hope that Remember Me will turn into a series. I really enjoyed Lexi Smart and all her friends and would love to read more stories about their lives.

Another good book and I can't wait to discuss this one with the girls.


That is pretty much how my evening went last night.

My little brother is getting married on Mother's Day which of course means that myself, the kids, and Dave are all in the wedding. I have had Emma's flower girl dress for about a month now knowing that the straps needed to be taken up, but I've just been to busy (or lazy) to do it. I also needed to replace a button on the jacket of Ian's tux.

So last night I thought would be a good evening to have my mom come over and help me with it since Dave was working. Boy was I wrong!

I got home and had to empty the dishwasher and reload it before I started dinner so it was almost six before we sat down to eat. It was also the same time that Grandma Do Do (it's really not mean, my mothers name is Donna but my cousins couldn't say that so they called her Aunt Do and my kids picked up on that and added and extra Do)came in. Since they haven't seen her in a while they went nuts. I spent the next 30-40 minutes arguing with them.

It went a little something like this;

ME: Eat your food
Emma: It's to sour
ME: Ian sit down before you fall off the chair
Me: Do you need a time out?
Ian: (takes a bite of food)
Me: Emma sit your butt back in that chair and eat your food, the tacos are not sour
Emma: I'm not hungry
Me: If you don't eat your going to you room and you wont get to see Grandma Do Do and you wont be able to watch TV
Emma: (takes a bite of food)

Once they had finally eaten enough food, I cleaned the kitchen and them up and got the wedding clothes out. I also need my top taken in a little in the chest area so I tried mine on first for my mom to look at. I made the mistake of doing this in my bedroom which resulted in over half my clothes being strewn all over the floor so Emma could play dress up. Of course once I was done trying my dress on Emma didn't want to help me clean up the mess.

Next was Emma's turn. So we get the dress on her and my mom starts pulling on the straps to see how much we need to take them up. I grab my sewing kit and sit down beside them. As soon as Emma saw the thread and needle she freaked out, and I mean FREAKED OUT! She went flying across the room screaming and crying yelling at us that she doesn't want us to poke her or sew her dress on her. I have no idea where she got this idea from because we have fixed dress straps for her before and never once have we done any of the sewing with her still in the dress. This might have been funny if I hadn't been so tired and stressed from work. So my mom and I are trying to calm her down and explain to her that we will not hurt or, or sew it while she has it on, we just need to measure it. Once she stopped screaming and crying she started pulling at the straps and the dress and swearing that it's itchy and she wants it off. Now the first time she tried it on I couldn't get it off her, now she hates the dress and it's itchy and hurts. Seriously?!

This is the point where the AHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh comes in. That was about all I could take so I took the dress off grabbed her clothes and up we went to her room, where I proceeded to tell her that she need to calm herself down and until then she could sit on her bed with no TV and if I heard her playing she would be spending every night this week in her room sitting on her bed with no toys, and no TV.

Now it was back downstairs to try Ian's tux on to make sure that the pants and shirt fit. I don't know if he was just trying to be like his big sis or what but he decided to also through a huge fit and kick and roll the whole time I was trying to get the tux on. Thankfully with him all I had to say was "Do you want to end up where sissy is?" That straightened him right up. The tux actually fit him perfectly so we only had to replace the one button on the jacket, and let me just say that my little man looked so stickin cute in that tux.

Shortly after I got Ian's tux on him I hear Emma yell down at me in the sweetest little girl voice asking if she could come down and try her dress back on. So down she came with a much better attitude and we were able to get the straps pinned where they need to be.

By this time it was 10 till 8 so they got PJ's on and off to bed they went. I did not have the energy for baths, plus they stayed inside all day yesterday do to the rain and cold weather. Once they were in bed I sat down and sewed the straps on Emma's dress, the button on Ian's jacket, and I got a pair of my new pants out and hemmed them while I watched my Monday Night TV of Little People, Big World and Jon & Kate plus 8. Of course I am sitting there watching Kate who has 8 kids thinking to myself that she is a super-mom. I mean really some nights I can't handle two kids let alone eight.

Hopefully this evening will be better and if it isn't at least Dave will be home to deal with it to.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Something Fun (maybe)

Where is your cell phone? On the end table beside me.
Your significant other? At work.
Your hair? Straight today
Your mother? Probably at home
Your father? In Heaven
Your favorite thing? Peace and quiet
Your dream last night? I never remember my dreams
Your favorite drink? Soft Drink: Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi, or Sweetened Iced Tea, Mixed Drink: Mojito, Wine: Merlot
Your dream/goal? To be an awesome Event Planner.
The room you're in? Our living room.
Your ex? There aren't too many since I married by High School Sweetheart.
Your fear? That Dave or one of my kids will die.
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Pretty much where I, just making a little more money at work, and for Dave to be done with school and have an awesome job he loves.
Where were you last night? Polaris, and home
What you're not?
Muffins? Good times!
One of your wish list items? A new SUV with third row seating
Where you grew up? Central Ohio GO BUCKS!
The last thing you did? wrote a post about my afternoon with the girls
What are you wearing? Jeans from Charlotte Rouch, a black lace Cami, a grey tee, and black buckle sandals.
Your TV? Old and about to be replaced.
Your pets? One Chiuaua Ginger who we adopted the day before Thanksgiving. She's not exactly the Bulldog Dave dreams about. :)
Your computer? A Presario Compac Laptop which I'm using now. I have no clue what the main computer in the office is since my husband built it himself (he's in school for IT)
Your life? Crazy, Busy, and good.
Your mood? relaxed
Missing someone? My kids
Your car? Hyundai Santa Fe
Something you're not wearing? a bracelet
Favorite store? It usually depends on what I'm looking for but an all around good one is Target
Your summer? Nothing special
Like someone? Yep.
Your favorite color? Lavender.
When is the last time you laughed? A few hours ago.
Last time you cried? Last weekend while reading a book. I cry at everything
Who will repost this? Who knows.

Girls Day Out!

I have to start this out by saying that I have one of the best mother-in-laws ever. Sharon lives about and hour north of us so we don't get to see her very often. Because of this Sharon will keep the kids one weekend a month. It really works out for everyone, she gets to spend time with her only grandchildren (Dave's an only child), the kids get to spend time with their Mamaw, and Dave and I get time with each other. I know I am lucky and trust me I do not take any of this for granted!

So this is weekend the kids are at her house and I met one of my really good friends to go shopping. We went to this store in Lancaster called Dave and Barry's (which I had never heard of) where everything in the store was under $9.00. We weren't really sure what to expect but to our surprise it was really cool. They carry the Bitten clothing line by Sarah Jessica Parker and it's super cute and adorable. It also looks like it's made very well and nothing was more than $9.00. I found a really cute pair of khaki pants and a pair of black dress pants that fit so well. They might be my new favorites. I also got a really cute pair of silver ballet slippers. The only thing bad I can say about the line is that if you are someone who worries about the actually size of your clothes you might not like these. They all ran about a size small.

After our shopping spree we went to one of her friends house for a Jewelry party. I wasn't planning on buying anything but they had this really cute silver bracelet with a star charm and part of the proceeds went to a children's charity so I broke down and purchased it. It was fun though to try on all the different pieces they had and of course we had some amazing food and good wine.

It was just nice to get out and spend some time with the girls without any children. I had a blast! Thanks Shanna.

Weekly Weightloss Update

Sorry this is a day late but I was in a big hurry yesterday morning and I forgot to weight myself. It was worth the weight though because I lost 1 pound!

I know 1 pound isn't a lot but after a few weeks with no change I would be happy with half a pound.

On an even better note Dave, the kids, and I went to Kohls Thursday evening and I bought a couple of pairs a of pants for work in a size smaller than normal. Now that made me super happy.

This leaves me with 3 more pounds to loose to reach my first goal. Lets hope for 2 pounds next week.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday's Foto Finish Fiesta

I've seen this on a few other blogs so I thought I would do it to. All you do is post a favorite picture of yours and explain what it is of.

This is a picture of my kids from last spring enjoying playing in the yard and it is one of my absolute favorites!

Do you believe in GHOST?

I do! Why, you ask do I believe in ghost? Well my reasons are all based on experiences my husband has had.

After Hurricane Katrina hit my husband went down to New Orleans as armed security. Him and a few friends were stationed in the French Quarter and they guarded two different hotels. During the first few weeks he was down there the city was closed off to everyone except them and the military. On many occasions him and the others would see orbs and shadows as well as hearing foot steps on the floors above them. They also came to realize that these ghost (spirits) either liked to play games or didn't like the TV because they were constantly turning it off. My husband even had one reach out and touch him.

Most people are probably thinking to themselves that there has to be another explanation for all of that and I don't blame them. Knowing Dave the way I do I know that when those things were happening he tried to find any other possible explanation and there just weren't any. Basically he tried his best to debunk the ghosts. Before his stay in New Orleans I really didn't have an opinion one way or another but I do now.

This past fall Dave and I discovered a show on the Sci- Fi channel called Ghost Hunters and we instantly loved it. We watch it every Wednesday night at 9. I think what attracted us to it is how the teams use hard evidence to prove if a place is haunted or not. They also will try, and sometimes succeed in debunking some of the stories. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend you watch one episode, even if you are a scardy pants. :)

On this weeks episode they traveled to Nevada to investigate two very old hotels. Compared to some of the episodes this season it wasn't to exciting except for this one EVP (device they use to capture voices that aren't heard at the time). Kris (the female investigator) was in a room where a man had chained his wife to a radiator because she got pregnant by another man and the women died there. She was asking this lady some questions and also talking with one of the other investigators and the recording picked up a mans voice that clearly was saying "Get the B*#$! Out". Whoever that ghost is he was not happy, that's for sure.

Next weeks episode looks like it will be a pretty exciting one. They are going to an Insane Asylum where Charles Manson once was. I'll let you know how it turns out, until then Happy Haunting!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Family Pictures Update

I just wanted to let you all know that the studio posted the pictures to their website so I added some to the post Family Pictures in case you want to check them out.

My Little Cheater

Last night while the kids and I were outside enjoying the amazing weather Emma asked me if I would play Tag with her and Ian. Now I have not played Tag since I was like 12 and back then it was fun so I decided to do it.

Let me tell you there is nothing that makes you feel so old and decrepit as playing Tag with a 2 and 4 year old. I was so winded and worn out after 2 minute of running around the yard.

After about 15 minutes of playing Emma was trying to catch me and was becoming very frustrated that she couldn't so she asked if we could take a break and rest for a while. I of course thought that was a great idea. So there I am hands on my knees desperately trying to catch my breath and I feel a hand on my back and I hear Emma yell "YOUR IT" as she is laughing hysterically.

Seriously, she completely tricked me and CHEATED! I know I probably shouldn't have laughed in front of her but I just couldn't help myself. This probably means she thinks it's OK and funny to cheat but I will deal with that later. For know I am just going to enjoy the fact that my 4 year old was smart enough to come up with that little scheme.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bugs, and Dirt, and Grass Oh My!

Yeah! Spring is finally here. I didn't think it would ever arrive this year. Since it's been warm and dry outside the family and I have been trying to spend as much time as we can in the backyard.

I think I might actually get to enjoy this spring, summer, and fall outside with the kids. Last year Ian was still kind of small so there wasn't a whole lot he could do and he had this thing with eating bugs and dirt (I pray this fascination is gone) so you had to watch him very closely. So far there has been no dirt eating but man oh man does he love to play in it. Particularly my flower beds. I've been trying to distract him with balls, bikes, bubbles, and sidewalk chalks but that only seems to last so long. This evening instead of going for the dirt he decided that it would be fun to play in the grass clippings from the yard being mowed. I just don't get boys!

Emma really likes to be outside to and she likes playing in the dirt, which again is my flower beds, but she is a little different. She uses my gardening shovels to move the dirt around instead of her hands, and she doesn't eat it. Thankfully she can be more easily distracted. Her favorite activity right now seems to be drawing hopscotch blocks on the patio with her chalk.

I can't wait till it's warm enough to get the pool out, that will really be fun.

80's Flashback

This morning I got to my parking lot a little early so I was sitting there listening to my favorite morning talk show (The Morning Zoo) and this car pulls in. I know a car pulls in a parking lot big surprise! The reason I noticed this car was because it was a black Trans Am in very good condition and you don't really see those anymore.

Anyway, this guy starts to get out and I about lost it at that moment. Why you ask did I almost loose it? Well he was wearing a pair of the tightest black jeans I have ever seen, a short sleeved button up shirt in black with a kind of Hawian print, white high tops, a pair of 80's style police sunglasses, and he had dark thick hair with a thick mustache. Can we say Tom Selec wana-be. I really thought to myself what year is it? and What hole did this guy come out of?

Seriously if any of you know men that are still dressing like this send them an anoynomous letter telling them it's not cool anymore.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Little Musician

This evening Dave and I were sitting in the living room when Emma came in, wearing her purple kid sized guitar, and asked if we wanted to hear the new songs she had just made up. Of course we responded with a YES!

Then we hear the following songs (to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb, kind of) while she strummed the guitar (to the beat).

First up;

The Sandwich Song

Sandwich come back come back wherever you are
Wherever you are
Wherever you are
Sandwich come back come back wherever you are

All I have is juice to drink
Juice to drink
Juice to drink
All I have is juice to drink

Sandwich come back come back wherever you are

I want to eat you!

Next up is;

The Lotion Song

I'm putting on my lotion but it's almost gone
Almost gone
Almost gone
I'm putting on my lotion but it's almost gone

I need to find who used all of it
All of it
All of it
I need to find who used all of it

So they can get some more.

So this has me wondering is my 4 year old the next Phoebe (Friends), or even better the next Cyndi Lauper.

I guess only time will tell.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Family Pictures

If you read my Kohls story from earlier in the week you know that we decided to have family pictures taken. Well that happened last night, and boy was it interesting.

From the moment Emma was born she loved the camera and we have never had any problems getting her to pose or smile for the camera. In fact we usually have the opposite problem where she wants to keep having her picture taken.

Ian on the other hand has despised the camera from day one. He wont do what they want him to, he refuses to smile, and he even cries. I must admit that those have made some cute pictures but that gets old after a while.

So there we are last night trying desperately to get Ian to let us take his picture. I think this time was the worst yet. We tried having him stand by his sister but instead he stood behind her using her as a shield from the camera. Then we tried having him sit on the bench beside her which he did but he kept his head glued to his chest. Dave and I tried playing peak- a-boo, tickle monster, and even bribery (for ice cream) but nothing worked. Instead he turned himself around so that his back was facing the camera (this turned out to be one of my favorite pics from the night). We did notice that when he had his back turned he was smiling at some of the silly thing we were all saying. I though to myself "maybe there is still some hope".

Next was the pics with Dad and Mom to which he finally decided to look at the camera. That alone was enough for me, as much as I wanted a smile I knew not to push it.

Finally it was time for the whole family picture and we did a few poses with Ian looking (no smile), then they had Dave put Ian on his shoulders and kneel while I knelled in front of them and Emma stood beside me. Ian loved being up on Daddy's shoulder's and for the first time in two years he smiled in a professional picture.

I can't even explain how excited I was and still am! To my surprise the other pictures turned out really good as well. Which of course means we spent a small fortune on them but hey I got a smile out of my son so who cares.

As soon as they are uploaded to their website I will post a few for you to see.

The Moment of Truth

Well here it is again Friday morning and the moment of truth. Did I exercise enough, did I cheat to much on my diet (probably), did I gain more weight?

Thankfull the last of those questions didn't happen but I also didn't loose anymore weight. I probably shouldn't have had those mini candy bars, and I defintly shouldn't have had the Dairy Queen Chicken Fingers Basket last night for dinner.

Sometimes I just wonder what it is I am exercising for! I mean, really, if I can't have the occasional candy bar or the fast food dinner whats the point in living. I guess thats the devil side of my brain talking because I also think to myself how badly I want to loose weight and to do that I have to eat right and exercise.

I guess I should just be happy that I didn't gain and try harder this week.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Monthly Escape

One of my favorite things to do is read books. I tend to choose books that fall under the chick lit style. They always seem to end on a positive note which is a big part of there appeal to me.

Anyway, about three years ago I picked up a book called The Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons by Lorna Landvick. This book was about 5 women in the 1960 to present day who all lived on the same street and decided to start a Book club. The book used these women's book club meetings as a way to tell you about their lives and how through all of their ups and downs the women in their club were always there for each other.

After I finished this book I started thinking about how nice it would be to have a book club. So I decided to talk to a couple of my friends and see what they thought. Jenn was immediately on board but Shanna took a little convincing. From there Jenn asked a few of her friends at work, Becca and Heather if they would like to try this and I asked my friend Tiff. So there it was our book club began.

Since it was my idea I choose the first book, which of course was the one that inspired me, and I held the first meeting. We set some basic ground rules like No men, no children over 1, and of course you had to have something to eat.

So here we are almost 3 years later with one more member Kasha. Through these last three years I have learned so much from the books chosen and from the ladies themselves. They have really helped me to grow and expand myself and I want to thank them for that. I would also like to thank them for giving me a place to escape to each month whether it be in the book or at there house for our meetings.

So Ladies here's to you!

This month is Jenn's month and the book she choose is Naughty Neighbor by Janet Evanovich. The main reason for her choice was because it's short. Currently Jenn is pregnant with her second child and this baby does not like the smell of ink. I know not good for someone in a book club. This was my first Janet Evanovich book and I really enjoyed it. If you are someone who likes chick lit then how could you not like this book. You have a little mystery, a bit of comedy, and allot of romance as well as watching the main character become a strong women and finally start to make her own decisions about her life. The only thing I didn't like was that it was not long enough. I read this book in one evening with multiple interruptions from my kids. Overall I would recommend reading this book to anyone out there in the mood for something upbeat.

Good pick Jenn!

and The Jerk of the Year Award goes to.....

Over the weekend Dave and I decided that it was time for us to have a Family picture taken. I decided that on Monday I would take the kids to Kohls since I was going to be off work in hopes that I would find some shirts to wear for the pictures. For anyone who has a little boy they know this is not an easy feat. They just don't make enough clothes for them.

So Monday morning I get myself and the kids ready and we headed off to Kohls. To my surprise I was able to find an adorable polo for Ian and shirts for the rest of us that matched. So naturally I make my way to the checkout line which for that time of day was pretty long.

While I'm standing there the man and girl beside me start having an argument. They were really loud about the whole thing and the other people in line had started to stare at them. It was really hard not to, but I did my best to keep my head turned in the opposite direction. I can only assume that this girl was a senior in High School and the man she was arguing with was her father or parent of some sort. They were arguing about whether or not she was going to go to College right after she graduated. Like most parents this man wanted her to and like a lot of seniors she didn't.

Other than the fact that they were having this fight in a line at Kohls nothing was wrong with it untill I hear this man say to her and I quote " If you don't go to college you will end up like THIS LADY, pregnant and then you will have to get married, that life will consume you and you will never find a good job." As soon as I heard the words "THIS LADY" I turned my head to look at them only to see him pointing directly at me.

Before I could think the words EXCUSE ME came flying out of my mouth. Now I think most people in his situation might have tried to explain there way out of this mess, but not this man. His response to me was WHAT? It was all over from there, I just let loose and said something that went a little like this;

Maybe the next time you want to talk about someone you might want to keep your voice down. And for your information I did not get pregnant, then get married. I was married first to my boyfriend of over 5 years, then we planned to have our daughter, and 2 years after that we planned to have our son. I also have a great job I just happen to have taken the day off to spend time with my family so why don't you shut your mouth you A-hole.

Man did that feel good! Can you beileve the nerve of this guy. Thankfully he was smart enough to keep his mouth shut and leave the store, with a little help from his daughter who was completly embarassed.

Something tells me I will never again be able to enter a Kohls store without thinking of this man and his rude comment.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The way I look....

Ok so when I was 21 I loved the way I looked. I wieghed 110 pounds and I wore a size 3. Who wouldn't love the way they looked at that size. Then I got pregnat, I knew I would gain some wieght and that my body wouldn't be the same but I was not expecting such a big change.

After I had my daughter I didn't loose the weight like I thought I would. Part of this was due to the fact that I had a c-section and wasn't able to exercise while I was on maternity leave. I know I probably wouldn't have anyway but I like to think I would have. The other reason for not sheding those pounds right away was that I had never had to diet before in my life.

During my pregnacy I watched my husband have sucess with the Atkins diet so I thought I would give that a try. To anyone who was working with me at that time I am so so so sorry. No Carbs and Jess just don't mix well together and after a month of that with no change in my weight or body I gave that up.

I'm not really sure how some of the weight started to come off but thankfully it did and I got down to a size 8. I know for alot of people out there they would die to be that size but for me a person used to being 110 pounds it was not easy. By this point I knew it wouldn't be long before we strarted tryign for our second child so I figured why put all that effort into loosing weight just to gain it all back.

Well I did get pregnant again and I swore to myself that I would get back in a size 8 this time. It took me quiet along time to figure out how to be the mother of two small children so exercsing was not really an option and the whole eating right didn't work well either. Finally i figured some thing out but by that time we decided to move and anyone who has moved with a baby and a two year old knows that this is not easy. Of course it was just another excuse for me to not try to look and feel better.

Well this past January after my son turned 2 and my daughter 4 I realized that if I didn't do something I would never again be able to say that I liked the way I looked even a little. I knew going to a gym wasn't going to work for me and my schedule, plus I always feel awkward in the gym. So one night I was flipping through the channels on the TV and I came across one of the Time Warner On Demand Channels. It was Exercise TV. I started looking at the exercise video's they had and I realized this was something I could do. I could pick they types of exercises I wanted to do and I could do them in the comfort of my own home. I know what a thought!

So I picked one and tried it and I loved it. The next night I tried a new one and again I really liked it and the way it made me feel. Since that point I have done some kind of video or another almost every weeknight.

I started with the goal to loose 10 pounds. I have lost about 8 at this point. I finally found this awesome video called the 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels (from the Biggest Loser) and once I started her workouts I really started to loose the weight. Being so close to my initial goal I have realized that 10 pounds is not going to produce the results I was going for so I will have a lot more work to do once I reach this goal but thats ok. I have found that I actually like to workout, it really does make me feel better and not just because I am smaller. I also know that by working out I am making myself healthier so that I can be around longer for my family.

I have my weigh in every Friday Morning so hopefully I will have some good news.

How we became The Wilson's

I guess Dave and I owe our getting together to two people. My best friend (at the time) Beth and Dave's friend Jake who were dating. For some reason they thought we would make a cute couple and they were right. On December 18, 1996 Dave asked me to be his girlfriend. I know that sounds silly but at the time Dave was 16 and I was 15. OK, I know most of you are amazed right now because that means that Dave and I are High School Sweethearts and that just doesn't happen anymore, but it did for us.

After two and a half years of dating Dave proposed to me. It was one of those beautiful crisp fall nights in October our favorite time of the year. Since I was only 18 at the time we decided to have a long engagement plus I had this weird idea of not wanting to get married until I was 21 so I could legally drink at my own wedding. It sounds really stupid but I was young and it seemed important at the time.

On August 17, 2002 Dave and I were married. Yes I was 21 but barely. We had a beautiful ceremony at Madison Christian Church which was preformed by Dave's grandfather. I don't think there was a dry eye in the crowd. Then it was on to the reception at Cheers Chalet just outside of Lancaster. Looking back there is nothing I would change about that day, it was wonderful and it turned out the way Dave and I wanted it to.

Next on our agenda was children and like allot of couples out there we had hoped to get pregnant on our Honeymoon but it didn't quite work that way. After 7 months of trying and one miscarriage I started waking up every morning sick to my stomach. By this point I had started to think that I was never going to get pregnant and I just thought the upset stomach was caused by my allergies. After three mornings of this Dave finally asks me if I'm pregnant and of course I said no way, he didn't believe and made us go to the store to get a pregnancy test. Boy am I glad he did that because he was right I was finally pregnant after what seemed like a lifetime of trying.

My pregnancy in the beginning was horrible and I thought everyday that I was going to die. I had really bad morning sickness that was not just in the morning but all day long. I lost 7 pounds in my first trimester but shortly into my second it stopped and I was able to eat again. Then came the back and hip pains that made it very hard to stand, walk, and move in general. Thankfully though non of this affected the baby and everything was just as it should be until the beginning of the third trimester. At this point most babies are head down but not mine. The doctors said there was still time for her to flip but if she didn't I would need to have a c-secton. Allot of women probably would have freaked out at this point but not me. A few months before this one of my good friends had a baby after 30 some hours of labor and while waiting in the hospital for her to have the baby I realized there was no was I would be able to have a natural birth. Of course everyone thought I was nuts and told they told me that my body would know what to do when the time came. Well guess what I was right, my baby did not turn she kept her head right under my rib cage and her feet on my pelvic bone.

So at 6 AM on October 5, 2003 I showed up at St. Ann's hospital to start the pre surgery preparations. At 7 Am they took me into the operating room to do the Spinal. This is the part that I was most scared about and again my intuition was right the Anestisologist missed twice so it took him three times before he got it right. Finally at 8:04 AM our beautiful baby girl was born weighing in at 7 Lbs 4 Oz and 19" long.we named her Emma Mae after a few family members. She was the most beautiful baby girl I had ever seen with a ton of dark hair and big blue eyes.

Fast forward 18 months and Dave and I thinking that it's time to start trying for are second child. Since the first time took 7 months we figured by the time I got pregnant and the baby would be born they would be between 2 and 3 years apart. Well we were wrong, somehow I got pregnant right away this time. This time around the morning sickness didn't start right away but when it did it really did. It was much worse the second time and so was the back pains and hip problems.

I knew from the beginning of this pregnancy that I would have another c-section and we scheduled this for December 30, 2005. We did not make it that far. On December 21, 2005 I woke up feeling very sick to my stomach and having the whole middle section of my body feeling very tight. thankfully I had an appointment that morning so I made myself a piece of toast to try and settle my stomach and went to my appointment. Apparently I must have looked pretty bad because the nurses looked very concerned and got me right in. After the doctor checked me out he sent me on to the hospital to have them hook me up to the monitors. I wasn't having any contractions at this point and I was only dilated to a 3 so I thought he was just being cautious. I went straight home to get Dave so he could drive me to the hospital and to my surprise when I got there Dave was gone and he didn't have his cell on him. I started to panic a little at this point because the next person I would have called, my mom, was on her way to Cincinnati to do her last inspection for the year. So I called my best friend at work and had a minor panic attack. Shortly after that my husband showed up which was very good because at this point I had started to have some contractions. So we ruched to the hospital while my friend tried and succeeded in getting ah old of my mother. Once at the hospital they hooked me to the monitors and said they were going to watch my contractions for about 30 minutes but within 5 they were back in my room telling me that I would be having a baby that day. Since I had eaten that piece of toast I had to wait 8 hours before they could do the c-section. After what seemed like an eternity it was finally time for me to go into surgery. My spinal went perfect this time and the doctors were very funny.

At 6:04 PM our son Ian Michael Argyle was born. Since he was about three and half weeks early he only weighed 6 Lbs. 4 oz and he was 19" long. He was so tiny but just like his sissy he had a ton of dark hair and blue eyes.

So there it is The Wilson Family is complete and now the fun can begin!

Here goes nothing!

Well between a few friends and my husband I have decided to start a blog. Writing has never been a strong point of mine, but I am going to give this a shot. I just hope I don't make an idiot of myself in the process.

I guess the biggest reason for doing this would have to be to keep track of the stories and every day events of my family. I have been pretty good about keeping my children's baby books up to date and I even have some online scrapbooks, but those are such a small portion of their lives. Those books don't have room for the cute, funny, and crazy things they do from day to day. I don't want to forget these moments of their lives and this seems like a good way to remember them.

I hope you all enjoy the stories of our lives.