Friday, April 18, 2008

The Moment of Truth

Well here it is again Friday morning and the moment of truth. Did I exercise enough, did I cheat to much on my diet (probably), did I gain more weight?

Thankfull the last of those questions didn't happen but I also didn't loose anymore weight. I probably shouldn't have had those mini candy bars, and I defintly shouldn't have had the Dairy Queen Chicken Fingers Basket last night for dinner.

Sometimes I just wonder what it is I am exercising for! I mean, really, if I can't have the occasional candy bar or the fast food dinner whats the point in living. I guess thats the devil side of my brain talking because I also think to myself how badly I want to loose weight and to do that I have to eat right and exercise.

I guess I should just be happy that I didn't gain and try harder this week.

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Tiffany McCallen said...

I disagree... you have found exactly the point (and balance) of healthy eating. This past week you were able to enjoy fast food and a little treat, and you didn't GAIN anything. That, to me, is a small victory!