Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Little Cheater

Last night while the kids and I were outside enjoying the amazing weather Emma asked me if I would play Tag with her and Ian. Now I have not played Tag since I was like 12 and back then it was fun so I decided to do it.

Let me tell you there is nothing that makes you feel so old and decrepit as playing Tag with a 2 and 4 year old. I was so winded and worn out after 2 minute of running around the yard.

After about 15 minutes of playing Emma was trying to catch me and was becoming very frustrated that she couldn't so she asked if we could take a break and rest for a while. I of course thought that was a great idea. So there I am hands on my knees desperately trying to catch my breath and I feel a hand on my back and I hear Emma yell "YOUR IT" as she is laughing hysterically.

Seriously, she completely tricked me and CHEATED! I know I probably shouldn't have laughed in front of her but I just couldn't help myself. This probably means she thinks it's OK and funny to cheat but I will deal with that later. For know I am just going to enjoy the fact that my 4 year old was smart enough to come up with that little scheme.

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