Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The way I look....

Ok so when I was 21 I loved the way I looked. I wieghed 110 pounds and I wore a size 3. Who wouldn't love the way they looked at that size. Then I got pregnat, I knew I would gain some wieght and that my body wouldn't be the same but I was not expecting such a big change.

After I had my daughter I didn't loose the weight like I thought I would. Part of this was due to the fact that I had a c-section and wasn't able to exercise while I was on maternity leave. I know I probably wouldn't have anyway but I like to think I would have. The other reason for not sheding those pounds right away was that I had never had to diet before in my life.

During my pregnacy I watched my husband have sucess with the Atkins diet so I thought I would give that a try. To anyone who was working with me at that time I am so so so sorry. No Carbs and Jess just don't mix well together and after a month of that with no change in my weight or body I gave that up.

I'm not really sure how some of the weight started to come off but thankfully it did and I got down to a size 8. I know for alot of people out there they would die to be that size but for me a person used to being 110 pounds it was not easy. By this point I knew it wouldn't be long before we strarted tryign for our second child so I figured why put all that effort into loosing weight just to gain it all back.

Well I did get pregnant again and I swore to myself that I would get back in a size 8 this time. It took me quiet along time to figure out how to be the mother of two small children so exercsing was not really an option and the whole eating right didn't work well either. Finally i figured some thing out but by that time we decided to move and anyone who has moved with a baby and a two year old knows that this is not easy. Of course it was just another excuse for me to not try to look and feel better.

Well this past January after my son turned 2 and my daughter 4 I realized that if I didn't do something I would never again be able to say that I liked the way I looked even a little. I knew going to a gym wasn't going to work for me and my schedule, plus I always feel awkward in the gym. So one night I was flipping through the channels on the TV and I came across one of the Time Warner On Demand Channels. It was Exercise TV. I started looking at the exercise video's they had and I realized this was something I could do. I could pick they types of exercises I wanted to do and I could do them in the comfort of my own home. I know what a thought!

So I picked one and tried it and I loved it. The next night I tried a new one and again I really liked it and the way it made me feel. Since that point I have done some kind of video or another almost every weeknight.

I started with the goal to loose 10 pounds. I have lost about 8 at this point. I finally found this awesome video called the 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels (from the Biggest Loser) and once I started her workouts I really started to loose the weight. Being so close to my initial goal I have realized that 10 pounds is not going to produce the results I was going for so I will have a lot more work to do once I reach this goal but thats ok. I have found that I actually like to workout, it really does make me feel better and not just because I am smaller. I also know that by working out I am making myself healthier so that I can be around longer for my family.

I have my weigh in every Friday Morning so hopefully I will have some good news.


Lindsay said...

I totally feel ya on this one! I am in the same boat but together maybe we can be those hot babes we once were! :)

Tiffany McCallen said...

Jess, I think you look fantastic! You are an inspiration to me as I stare another 30 pounds in the face. :)