Tuesday, April 29, 2008


That is pretty much how my evening went last night.

My little brother is getting married on Mother's Day which of course means that myself, the kids, and Dave are all in the wedding. I have had Emma's flower girl dress for about a month now knowing that the straps needed to be taken up, but I've just been to busy (or lazy) to do it. I also needed to replace a button on the jacket of Ian's tux.

So last night I thought would be a good evening to have my mom come over and help me with it since Dave was working. Boy was I wrong!

I got home and had to empty the dishwasher and reload it before I started dinner so it was almost six before we sat down to eat. It was also the same time that Grandma Do Do (it's really not mean, my mothers name is Donna but my cousins couldn't say that so they called her Aunt Do and my kids picked up on that and added and extra Do)came in. Since they haven't seen her in a while they went nuts. I spent the next 30-40 minutes arguing with them.

It went a little something like this;

ME: Eat your food
Emma: It's to sour
ME: Ian sit down before you fall off the chair
Me: Do you need a time out?
Ian: (takes a bite of food)
Me: Emma sit your butt back in that chair and eat your food, the tacos are not sour
Emma: I'm not hungry
Me: If you don't eat your going to you room and you wont get to see Grandma Do Do and you wont be able to watch TV
Emma: (takes a bite of food)

Once they had finally eaten enough food, I cleaned the kitchen and them up and got the wedding clothes out. I also need my top taken in a little in the chest area so I tried mine on first for my mom to look at. I made the mistake of doing this in my bedroom which resulted in over half my clothes being strewn all over the floor so Emma could play dress up. Of course once I was done trying my dress on Emma didn't want to help me clean up the mess.

Next was Emma's turn. So we get the dress on her and my mom starts pulling on the straps to see how much we need to take them up. I grab my sewing kit and sit down beside them. As soon as Emma saw the thread and needle she freaked out, and I mean FREAKED OUT! She went flying across the room screaming and crying yelling at us that she doesn't want us to poke her or sew her dress on her. I have no idea where she got this idea from because we have fixed dress straps for her before and never once have we done any of the sewing with her still in the dress. This might have been funny if I hadn't been so tired and stressed from work. So my mom and I are trying to calm her down and explain to her that we will not hurt or, or sew it while she has it on, we just need to measure it. Once she stopped screaming and crying she started pulling at the straps and the dress and swearing that it's itchy and she wants it off. Now the first time she tried it on I couldn't get it off her, now she hates the dress and it's itchy and hurts. Seriously?!

This is the point where the AHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh comes in. That was about all I could take so I took the dress off grabbed her clothes and up we went to her room, where I proceeded to tell her that she need to calm herself down and until then she could sit on her bed with no TV and if I heard her playing she would be spending every night this week in her room sitting on her bed with no toys, and no TV.

Now it was back downstairs to try Ian's tux on to make sure that the pants and shirt fit. I don't know if he was just trying to be like his big sis or what but he decided to also through a huge fit and kick and roll the whole time I was trying to get the tux on. Thankfully with him all I had to say was "Do you want to end up where sissy is?" That straightened him right up. The tux actually fit him perfectly so we only had to replace the one button on the jacket, and let me just say that my little man looked so stickin cute in that tux.

Shortly after I got Ian's tux on him I hear Emma yell down at me in the sweetest little girl voice asking if she could come down and try her dress back on. So down she came with a much better attitude and we were able to get the straps pinned where they need to be.

By this time it was 10 till 8 so they got PJ's on and off to bed they went. I did not have the energy for baths, plus they stayed inside all day yesterday do to the rain and cold weather. Once they were in bed I sat down and sewed the straps on Emma's dress, the button on Ian's jacket, and I got a pair of my new pants out and hemmed them while I watched my Monday Night TV of Little People, Big World and Jon & Kate plus 8. Of course I am sitting there watching Kate who has 8 kids thinking to myself that she is a super-mom. I mean really some nights I can't handle two kids let alone eight.

Hopefully this evening will be better and if it isn't at least Dave will be home to deal with it to.


Lindsay said...

I've had those nights! Not fun! I hope tonight is better for you. I agree, I don't know how Kate does it with eight children. I would go insane! :)

Carrie said...

Kind of funny how that sort of behavior is universal, isn't it? I've got the same thing here!