Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bugs, and Dirt, and Grass Oh My!

Yeah! Spring is finally here. I didn't think it would ever arrive this year. Since it's been warm and dry outside the family and I have been trying to spend as much time as we can in the backyard.

I think I might actually get to enjoy this spring, summer, and fall outside with the kids. Last year Ian was still kind of small so there wasn't a whole lot he could do and he had this thing with eating bugs and dirt (I pray this fascination is gone) so you had to watch him very closely. So far there has been no dirt eating but man oh man does he love to play in it. Particularly my flower beds. I've been trying to distract him with balls, bikes, bubbles, and sidewalk chalks but that only seems to last so long. This evening instead of going for the dirt he decided that it would be fun to play in the grass clippings from the yard being mowed. I just don't get boys!

Emma really likes to be outside to and she likes playing in the dirt, which again is my flower beds, but she is a little different. She uses my gardening shovels to move the dirt around instead of her hands, and she doesn't eat it. Thankfully she can be more easily distracted. Her favorite activity right now seems to be drawing hopscotch blocks on the patio with her chalk.

I can't wait till it's warm enough to get the pool out, that will really be fun.

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Tiffany McCallen said...

All hail sprummer! (spring & summer). Last night we knocked the rust off the grill and cooked out for the first time. Ahh... it was so nice to be outside!!