Friday, April 18, 2008

Family Pictures

If you read my Kohls story from earlier in the week you know that we decided to have family pictures taken. Well that happened last night, and boy was it interesting.

From the moment Emma was born she loved the camera and we have never had any problems getting her to pose or smile for the camera. In fact we usually have the opposite problem where she wants to keep having her picture taken.

Ian on the other hand has despised the camera from day one. He wont do what they want him to, he refuses to smile, and he even cries. I must admit that those have made some cute pictures but that gets old after a while.

So there we are last night trying desperately to get Ian to let us take his picture. I think this time was the worst yet. We tried having him stand by his sister but instead he stood behind her using her as a shield from the camera. Then we tried having him sit on the bench beside her which he did but he kept his head glued to his chest. Dave and I tried playing peak- a-boo, tickle monster, and even bribery (for ice cream) but nothing worked. Instead he turned himself around so that his back was facing the camera (this turned out to be one of my favorite pics from the night). We did notice that when he had his back turned he was smiling at some of the silly thing we were all saying. I though to myself "maybe there is still some hope".

Next was the pics with Dad and Mom to which he finally decided to look at the camera. That alone was enough for me, as much as I wanted a smile I knew not to push it.

Finally it was time for the whole family picture and we did a few poses with Ian looking (no smile), then they had Dave put Ian on his shoulders and kneel while I knelled in front of them and Emma stood beside me. Ian loved being up on Daddy's shoulder's and for the first time in two years he smiled in a professional picture.

I can't even explain how excited I was and still am! To my surprise the other pictures turned out really good as well. Which of course means we spent a small fortune on them but hey I got a smile out of my son so who cares.

As soon as they are uploaded to their website I will post a few for you to see.


Tiffany McCallen said...

Those pictures look great!!

Lindsay said...

Lookin good! I think the pics turned out great!