Thursday, June 25, 2009

Friday's Foto Finish Fiesta, vroom vroom

It's Friday again which means time for Candid Carries Friday's Foto Finish Fiesta.

Dave received a very nice bonus check a few weeks ago which was very unexpected. we spent a week trying to decided just what to do with the money and in the end we payed off some bills, put some in savings, and decided to do something for the kids. Dave and I looked at some different Power Wheels motorized cars for the kids but we just weren't sure of the prices. We knew getting just one would only cause fights over who got to drive and the price for two good ones was a bit high. We finally decided that we would take the kids to Toys R Us and let them each pick out any toy they wanted.

So Wednesday evening we took the kids to the toy store. On the way we told them that they could each pick out any toy they wanted. Ian immediately said he wanted a mower like his friends Andrew which made me laugh because it was one of those push ones that blow bubbles and pretty inexpensive. Emma said she knew what she wanted but refused to tell us until we got to the store. On the way in Emma finally told me she wanted to get one of those girl heads with the hair that she could play with and practice fixing hair. I took Emma and went through all the girls toys. We saw a couple different kinds of the doll heads that she really liked but I wanted her to look at everything in the store and we still had the games and educational area to look at. While Emma and I were looking at her stuff Dave had taken Ian to the other side of the store to look at his stuff. As Emma and I were walking over to the games are we ran into Dave and Ian who were coming to find us. I asked Ian if he found anything he wanted and he told me he wanted the green car. I thought he was talking about a remote control car or something. I asked Dave what it was and he didn't know so we asked Ian to show us. Apparently as they walked to their side they had to pass the Power Wheels and Ian spotted a Green Jeep.

As we were looking we noticed that they had some of the cars on sale and the prices were good. Then we spotted a John Deer riding lawn mower with a trailer. We showed Ian and his face lite up. I knew at that moment there would be no way I could tell him no and I held my breath as I looked at the price. Thankfully it was on sale too. Of course since Ian was getting one we had to find one for Emma too. Now about a month ago Emma informed me that when she was a big girl and could drive a car she was going to have a purple car with no roof. Well it just so happen that they had a purple corvette that was the perfect price. When we told the kids we were getting them for them they both jumped up and down and Emma informed us that we were the best parents ever!

Dave and I had to live up to the best parents ever so we stayed up till almost midnight last night putting them together and charging the batteries so that today they could go outside and play with them. After dinner we took them out and after a little coaching they both figured out how to make them go and steer fairly well. They were so happy and they look so cute driving them.

Anyone want to guess what we will be doing all weekend?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Hate...

Lately Ian has been going around and saying things like I hate this, and I hate that. Usually it's a object or TV show so it hasn't been too bad. The past few weeks however it has changed to him hating people which I do not like. A few times it has even be Emma, Dave, and myself he has hated. So I have been trying to explain to him that it's not nice to say that you hate people because it hurts their feelings.

I thought I had him broke of saying that he hated people and then yesterday evening he walked up to me and said.

"I hate everyone!" and he had a huge ornery grin on his face. Just I was about to tell him that was not nice he said "not everyone just the people I don't know." then he started laughing so hard he fell over.

This time I couldn't help but laugh myself. The things kids think of just amazes me.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Friday's Foto Finish Fiesta

It's been a couple of weeks since I've posted a Friday Foto because I just haven't had any to share but I'm back this.

Today when I picked the kids up from the sitters Emma ran up to me and asked if I would get the pool out when I got home so her and Ian could swim. I tried to explain to her that even if I got it out the water would be freezing cold and no fun to swim in. Of course she was not happy about this at all. I did have an idea that made her happy. I told the kids if they were good and ate all their dinner I would get the sprinkler out for them.

So after a delicious meal of turkey Cheddar Brats and potato chips (it was a really long day at work) I kept my promise and hooked the sprinkler up out back.

As you can see Ian figured out if he grabbed the antenna of the bugs thing he could move them where ever her wanted and soak is sister. Usually something like that would have caused a fight but tonight Emma was perfectly fine with it.

Now it's your turn, go over to Candid Carries and share a fun summer picture with us.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Country Boy

Last night Dave was playing music on the laptop for the kids. We were listening to a bunch of different songs and the kids were dancing around. Emma eventually got tired and curled up with Dave. Shortly after that Alan Jackson's Country Boy came on and this is what happen.

Isn't that just too cute!

Monday, June 15, 2009

An Odd but Good Weekend

Dave's family had a reunion yesterday but Dave had to work so we weren't planning on going. My MIL however was and she wanted to show off her grandchildren. Since Dave was actually only scheduled till 3 (this never happens) he picked up the kids so I could come straight home and relax a little before we had to leave to meet the MIL.

After we dropped the kids off Dave and I decide to go over to Polaris and get some Steak Escape for dinner. On our way to the food court some sales people for the Comfort Zone stopped Dave and he decided to get us both a 10 minute neck, shoulders, and back massage. It felt so good and it was a great way to start the weekend. By the time we were done with that we were both starving so we went straight to Steak Escape and enjoyed a good sandwich. To my surprise Dave actually was willing to walk around the mall and window shop. We went into the Itsy Bitsy World and looked at all the cute and different toys for the kids. Then we headed over to my favorite store at Polaris The Olde Farmstead. I could spend hours in that store looking at all the different knick knacks. I could also spend a small fortune there. Our last stop in the mall was at one of the Buckeye Stores and I found a couple of really cute tees for this fall. Once we left the mall we headed over to Target so Dave could pick up Clint Eastwoods latest movie Gran Torino. Of course that meant as soon as we got home we had to watch it. I really didn't think I was going to like it because I'm not really a Clint fan but it was surprisingly good movie.

Saturday morning I had to be up bright and early to go into work. We have an audit coming up which means they have offered us comp time to get things caught up and to write procedures for our manual. I left work a little after 11:30 and met Shanna and Jenn for lunch and to discuss our To Do List for our 10 year class reunion. I'm not sure if I have mentioned it on here but two months from today I will have my 10 year class reunion and Jenn, Shanna, and I are the ones planning all the events. After lunch I came home and sat and watched TV until Dave got home from work. Then Dave and I went to Smokey Bones for dinner. Neither of us have been there in a long time so it was a nice change and the food was great. After dinner we stopped by Wal-mart to do some research on Power Wheels for the kids and then we headed home.

Sunday I slept in which was oh so nice. Once I got up I got ready for the day, did some cleaning and laundry, and just relaxed before the kids got home. If it wouldn't have been for the four hours of work the weekend would have been perfect.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Tearfull Goodbye!

At the beginning of the week both my sister and I had very high hopes when it came to the dog sitting adventure we were about to embark on. Last night those hopes were finally shattered.

I'll start with Steph's situation. Sunday night and Monday night she had Zeus at her house and he barked all night long keeping Steph and her roommate up. Tuesday night Steph decided to try sleeping at Nick and Alicia's house to see if being at home would keep Zeus from barking but it didn't. By yesterday afternoon Steph was so exhausted and didn't know what she was going to do if Zeus didn't let her sleep that night. I had noticed that on Tuesday Daphne seemed sad so I told Steph she should bring Zeus over for a visit to see if that would cheer him up and her up.

Now my situation started Tuesday when Daphne ate the screen door. Then yesterday morning Dave called me to let me know that he had let Daphne outside when he got up and 10 minutes later the construction guys working on our neighbors house knocked on our door to bring Daphne back to us. In 10 minutes time Daphne had chewed thru her lead and ran over to them. Yesterday afternoon Dave thought it would be nice to take her for a ride with him while he went to get some lunch. At one point Dave looked over to see blood on his car seat because Daphne was menstruating.

So yesterday evening came and Steph brought Zeus over. Immediately I could see a difference in Daphne. She had a bounce to her step again and her and Zeus played like crazy together. When Steph left Daphne stood at the door and watched and you could tell she was upset to see her brother go and I felt so bad for her. I however went about the rest of my evening. I got the kids there baths and as I was getting their pajamas on them I heard a very loud commotion coming from the next room. I got up and walked in to find Daphne standing over Ginger, pinning her to the ground with her mouth around Gingers neck. Ginger was squealing like a pig and Daphne was growing. I ran over and tried to pull Daphne off Ginger but I couldn't get her. Dave came running in and was able to get Daphne off Ginger. Dave put Daphne in her crate and went to check on Ginger. There was no blood and she walking fine she just seemed to be scared.

I decided then that Daphne just couldn't stay with us. Eating my screen and chewing through her lead were one thing but attacking Ginger was something else. I called Steph and told her what happen. I then packed up Gingers stuff. Before we left I let the kids say goodbye to Daphne. I don't think Daphne is a mean or violent dog at all there was just something about Ginger that she didn't like. Emma was sobbing as she said goodbye and it broke my heart to see her like that but Daphne wasn't going to stay with us forever anyway. I told Emma that she could go over to Uncle Nicky's and Aunt Alicia's to see Daphne and that helped some but the tears just kept coming.

I talked to my sister today and it seems that both the dogs were much better last night so I think it's safe to say that they do not like to be apart or away from their own house.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The door is no more

This morning as soon as I got up I let Daphne out (I can't let her and Ginger outside at the same time because they fight with each other) and went to take my shower. Fifteen minutes later after my shower I left Daphne back in but I didn't pay attention to anything outside. I then let Ginger out and and in again not paying attention to anything but Ginger. I am not a very observant person that early in the morning and my mind can only focus on one thing which is getting ready for work and getting out the door on time.

Around ten this morning Dave texted me to ask what happen to the screen sliding glass door that leads to our back yard. Apparently the screen was no longer in but laying in pieces on the back patio. Since Gingers lead doesn't reach the door and Daphne's does that lead us to one conclusion. Daphne pulled the screen out and tore it to shreds.

Of course I came home this evening and took a picture so all of you could see the damage this beautiful sweet puppy caused.

All I can think about is the movie Marley & Me and all the damage Marley caused over the years. I guess this kind of thing happens more when you have big dogs.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Kids say the darndest things...

My kids have decided that they enjoy showers more than baths which I LOVE!!! It's so much easier to do bath time when they take a shower and I don't end up with water all over the place.

Tonight shortly after Ian got in he tells me that he has to pee. Just as he was climbing out of the shower Daphne came running into the bathroom. Of course Daphne's head happen to be right at Ian's crotch level because Ian was standing on the ledge of the tub. Ian instantly screamed and grabbed himself. Then he said to me;

"Get Daphne out of here before she bites off my peebob!"

(peebob is what Ian calls his pee pee and I have no idea where he got it from because I always call it a pee pee)

Of course I could not control my laughter and was on the floor which irritated Ian so much that he told me again to get Daphne out only he yelled it. I guess the thought process to protect your private area starts early in boys because Ian was dead serious and did not think the situation was funny at all. I on the other hand can't quit laughing.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Niece Daphne

My brother Nick and his wife Alicia are leaving for Myrtle Beach tonight at midnight. They have two dogs and a cat. Titan the cat who is mean and we don't like, Zeus their two year old Doxson, and Daphne their one year old Siberian Husky. Our sister Steph originally agreed to stay at their house for this week to take care of the animals. At the time she thought she would still be doing her rotation in Lancaster which would put her closer to it, but she really is starting her last rotation up in the northern part of the city. Stpeh called me one day last week because she was trying to decided if taking both Zeus and Daphne to her apartment in German Village would be a good idea.

For those of you not from around here German Village is within walking distance of downtown Columbus. The houses in German Village are extremely old and set right beside each other. Steph and her roommate do not have a yard just a very small strip of grass along the fence in front of their house so if Daphne were to stay there with her Steph would actually have to walk her everyday. So I told Steph that I would keep Daphne if she kept Zeus. Nick and Alicia are getting ready to breed Zeus and he is just a little to fond of Ginger. I did not want to spend the week keeping Zeus from humping Ginger but he will have plenty room at Steph.

So this afternoon Steph, the kids, and I went over to Nick and Alicia's and got Daphne. As soon as we walked in the door here Ginger attacked Daphne. It was kind of funny to see Daphne get scared and run and hind behind the chair. If Daphne wanted to she could eat Ginger in one bite but Daphne has been very patient with her. So far the only time Daphne has been mean to Ginger is when Ginger tried to eat out of Daphne's bowl. I'm pretty sure Ginger wont be trying that again this week.

Hopefully Ginger will relax this week so that we can all enjoy having Daphne here but if not the rest of us will still enjoy her.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Six Weeks Five Days

In six weeks and five days Dave and I will be on vacation. Our last vacation was seven years ago and it was our honeymoon so we are long overdue.

If you read my post a few days ago you know that after reading last months bookclub book my desire to visit Savannah was re-ignited. Earlier this week I did some major research and found a hotel 10 minutes from the Historic District for a very reasonable price. I calculated the amount of gas that would be spent if we were to take Dave's Explorer, and then I put together an itinary for the days we would be there. Once I had evertything calculated I went to Dave and gave him the rundown. I think he was a little surprised at what all we could do for the cost.

Even though Savannah Georgia is not on the top of Dave's list of places to visit he put in his request for the week of July 19th thru the 25th off and it was approved today. I have been fighting sinus issues all week so I left work at lunch time and when I got home I made our hotel reservation and then I booked a few of the tours we wanted to do. On our list is:

- Trolley Tour of the Historic District
- Savannah Civil War Walk
- Ghost & Gravestones Tour
- Tybee Island Lighthouse
- Captain Dereks Dolphin Adventure
- Bonaventure Cemetery
- Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
- Forsyth Park Fountain
- The Waving Girl Statue
- Wormsloe Historic
- Mercer Williams House (House used in Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil)
- Owen-Thomas House
- The Pirate House Resturant
- The Lady and Sons Resturant (Paula Deans)

I am sooooo excited about everything I have planned. Dave and I both enjoy American History so I think the Civil War Walk is going to be really fun. Dave and I are also HUGE fans of the SciFi networks show Ghost Hunters so when I read that the Ghost and Gravestones tour is the only Haunted tour that takes you into the Sorrel Weed House that Ghost Hunters visited and confirmed to be haunted I knew it was the tour for us. Now anyone that knows me knows how much I love Paula Dean which means there is no way I could go to Savannah and not eat at her resturant The Lady and Sons.

Now I just have to make it through the next six weeks, I just hope it goes as fast as the past six have gone.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Today at work I received the Globetrotter award for my section. Currently in our office we have a contest going which is supposed to motivate us to reach our collection goal of $360 million for the fiscal year. The contest has the theme of Around the world 360 degrees and the employee of the month award is called the Globetrotters award.

I was nominated for this award by my new Manager for my hard work on a formal proposal for a new billing process as well as my customer service and hard work working with one of our biggest clients to reconcile some of their billing issues.

Now apparently right around 3 o'clock this afternoon and email was sent out to gather in our normal meeting spot but I had already left my desk for my break so I had no idea we had a meeting (I wasn't the only one). Just as I was coming back one of my co-workers came running down and telling me to hurry and get upstairs they needed me. I was really confused and kept asking her what she was talking about. Finally just as we were getting up stairs she said that I had one an award. Of course when I got up there all 160 plus employees were standing around waiting for me so it was a little embarrassing. I did recieve a nice award and a hand written note from the Attorney General Richard Cordray as well as a State of Ohio Attorney General seal pin (the kind you put on your shirt). I also had to have my picture taken with the Attorney General.

I am very honored that my manager thought I deserved this and I was also very surprised that I received it so thank you!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Savannah Blues

Yesterday I hosted bookclub. The last two books we have read have been heavy books that require allot of thought so for my book I wanted something light and fun. I also wanted something summery since for me May indicates the start of summer. My pick was Savannah Blues by Mary Kay Andrews and this book hit the spot for me.

This book had a little bit of romance, a little bit of comedy, a big ole murder mystery all taking place Savannah Georgia. All I also forgot there is some history and antiques. The main characters name is Weezie (Eloise) and her best friend is BeBe pronounced BayBay. Weezie comes from a typical middle class catholic family and marries a man from a well to do family. After 10 years of marriage he leaves her for a young blond and in the divorce Weezie is awarded the carriage house of the historical home her and her ex restored. Being a stubborn southern women she takes it and has to live within feet of her ex and the other women. The rest of the story is about how one wrong (or maybe right) step that Weezie takes changes her life forever. Now I'm not going to say anymore so as not to ruin any of the mystery just in case you want to read this for yourself. I actually highly recommend reading it if your in the mood for something light and fun.

My problem now is that my already large desire to visit Savannah has grown tremendously. Add to that the face that Dave and I have not had a vacation since our honeymoon 7 years ago. Of course me being the crazy women I am I have spent the last hour and half researching hotels and tours in Savannah. I have found that it is more affordable than I thought it would be. This just leaves two teeny tiny points; talking Dave into, and finding someone to watch the kids. I know nothing big right. :) I guess a girl can always dream and you never know sometimes dreams do come true.