Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The door is no more

This morning as soon as I got up I let Daphne out (I can't let her and Ginger outside at the same time because they fight with each other) and went to take my shower. Fifteen minutes later after my shower I left Daphne back in but I didn't pay attention to anything outside. I then let Ginger out and and in again not paying attention to anything but Ginger. I am not a very observant person that early in the morning and my mind can only focus on one thing which is getting ready for work and getting out the door on time.

Around ten this morning Dave texted me to ask what happen to the screen sliding glass door that leads to our back yard. Apparently the screen was no longer in but laying in pieces on the back patio. Since Gingers lead doesn't reach the door and Daphne's does that lead us to one conclusion. Daphne pulled the screen out and tore it to shreds.

Of course I came home this evening and took a picture so all of you could see the damage this beautiful sweet puppy caused.

All I can think about is the movie Marley & Me and all the damage Marley caused over the years. I guess this kind of thing happens more when you have big dogs.


Missy said...

Definitely looks like a screen door from Marley & Me! Oh no! But she is such a cutie!

Tiffany McCallen said...

As a former owner of two, boisterous dogs, I can tell you that that's the least of the trouble they can get in! You got lucky; the screen door is an easy fix. :) Good luck with the rest of the doggy-sitting!

Lindsay said...

That is why I like my little dog. Bigger the dog the bigger the problem. :) I guess Nick and Alisha owe auntie Jess a new screen door. lol! Hopefully she is not like Marley and that will be the only incident. Good Luck!