Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Niece Daphne

My brother Nick and his wife Alicia are leaving for Myrtle Beach tonight at midnight. They have two dogs and a cat. Titan the cat who is mean and we don't like, Zeus their two year old Doxson, and Daphne their one year old Siberian Husky. Our sister Steph originally agreed to stay at their house for this week to take care of the animals. At the time she thought she would still be doing her rotation in Lancaster which would put her closer to it, but she really is starting her last rotation up in the northern part of the city. Stpeh called me one day last week because she was trying to decided if taking both Zeus and Daphne to her apartment in German Village would be a good idea.

For those of you not from around here German Village is within walking distance of downtown Columbus. The houses in German Village are extremely old and set right beside each other. Steph and her roommate do not have a yard just a very small strip of grass along the fence in front of their house so if Daphne were to stay there with her Steph would actually have to walk her everyday. So I told Steph that I would keep Daphne if she kept Zeus. Nick and Alicia are getting ready to breed Zeus and he is just a little to fond of Ginger. I did not want to spend the week keeping Zeus from humping Ginger but he will have plenty room at Steph.

So this afternoon Steph, the kids, and I went over to Nick and Alicia's and got Daphne. As soon as we walked in the door here Ginger attacked Daphne. It was kind of funny to see Daphne get scared and run and hind behind the chair. If Daphne wanted to she could eat Ginger in one bite but Daphne has been very patient with her. So far the only time Daphne has been mean to Ginger is when Ginger tried to eat out of Daphne's bowl. I'm pretty sure Ginger wont be trying that again this week.

Hopefully Ginger will relax this week so that we can all enjoy having Daphne here but if not the rest of us will still enjoy her.


Missy said...

What a beautiul pup! Have a great time puppysitting!

Anonymous said...

Love your "niece"! :) Have a great time, Auntie Jess! - tif