Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Tearfull Goodbye!

At the beginning of the week both my sister and I had very high hopes when it came to the dog sitting adventure we were about to embark on. Last night those hopes were finally shattered.

I'll start with Steph's situation. Sunday night and Monday night she had Zeus at her house and he barked all night long keeping Steph and her roommate up. Tuesday night Steph decided to try sleeping at Nick and Alicia's house to see if being at home would keep Zeus from barking but it didn't. By yesterday afternoon Steph was so exhausted and didn't know what she was going to do if Zeus didn't let her sleep that night. I had noticed that on Tuesday Daphne seemed sad so I told Steph she should bring Zeus over for a visit to see if that would cheer him up and her up.

Now my situation started Tuesday when Daphne ate the screen door. Then yesterday morning Dave called me to let me know that he had let Daphne outside when he got up and 10 minutes later the construction guys working on our neighbors house knocked on our door to bring Daphne back to us. In 10 minutes time Daphne had chewed thru her lead and ran over to them. Yesterday afternoon Dave thought it would be nice to take her for a ride with him while he went to get some lunch. At one point Dave looked over to see blood on his car seat because Daphne was menstruating.

So yesterday evening came and Steph brought Zeus over. Immediately I could see a difference in Daphne. She had a bounce to her step again and her and Zeus played like crazy together. When Steph left Daphne stood at the door and watched and you could tell she was upset to see her brother go and I felt so bad for her. I however went about the rest of my evening. I got the kids there baths and as I was getting their pajamas on them I heard a very loud commotion coming from the next room. I got up and walked in to find Daphne standing over Ginger, pinning her to the ground with her mouth around Gingers neck. Ginger was squealing like a pig and Daphne was growing. I ran over and tried to pull Daphne off Ginger but I couldn't get her. Dave came running in and was able to get Daphne off Ginger. Dave put Daphne in her crate and went to check on Ginger. There was no blood and she walking fine she just seemed to be scared.

I decided then that Daphne just couldn't stay with us. Eating my screen and chewing through her lead were one thing but attacking Ginger was something else. I called Steph and told her what happen. I then packed up Gingers stuff. Before we left I let the kids say goodbye to Daphne. I don't think Daphne is a mean or violent dog at all there was just something about Ginger that she didn't like. Emma was sobbing as she said goodbye and it broke my heart to see her like that but Daphne wasn't going to stay with us forever anyway. I told Emma that she could go over to Uncle Nicky's and Aunt Alicia's to see Daphne and that helped some but the tears just kept coming.

I talked to my sister today and it seems that both the dogs were much better last night so I think it's safe to say that they do not like to be apart or away from their own house.


Missy said...

Oh no! I can understand the reason for needing to move Daphne out though. It sounds like she needed her brother. We had a weim who had major seperation anxiety and he was away from us - we knew to expect a mess!

Anonymous said...

Poor Daphne, poor you guys! Sorry that didn't work out as well as you planned. - tif