Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Some Privacy Please

Yesterday evening when I got home from work and picking up the kids I let Ginger outside and since it was nice I left the screen door open as well as the door that leads from the kitchen into the office which is where the screen door is. After opening some other windows in the house I came into my bedroom to change my clothes. While I was changing I heard the door from the kitchen to the office close and figured it was one of the kids thinking I left it open on accident.

Once I was changes I went into the kitchen and opened the door to the office to find Ian standing with the screen door open, his butt hanging out the door with his pants and underwear down. Now any parent that has watched a child poop there pants would have recognized the look on Ian's face but I still had to ask my son just what in the world he was doing. Of course he responded with a very strained I have to poop! It was at that point that I started yelling ran over to him and carried him to the bathroom. Once Ian was on the toilet I ran back to the porch to see if there was any kind of mess for me to clean and thankfully there was not. I went back to the bathroom and asked Ian why he was trying to poop on the porch instead of in the toilet and I got nothing from him. So I explained to him that we can not EVER poop on the porch and that we have to use the toilet.

Of course in the heat of the moment I did not stop to think about taking a picture but looking back I really wish I had. The look on Ian's face was truly priceless and it would have made some very good blackmail one day. I also can't help but laugh at the thought of my son trying to poop on the porch and at the fact that he closed the door to the office for some privacy while pooping. The older this kid gets and the more crazy things he does I become more and more convinced that he really is the cause of my gray hairs. He really may be the death of me.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Something To Talk About

Before we start if you have never seen the movie Something to Talk About with Julia Roberts you need to watch the trailer below before we go on and I highly recommend watching the movie sometime because it is my all time favorite Julia Roberts movie.

Ok now that you have a little bit of an idea about the movie let me explain the opening scene of the movie. Julia Roberts character Grace and her husband and daughter are getting ready for the day. Grace and her husband walk out the front door and head off to work. Grace gets a block down the street and then you see her back up to the house and open the front door to her daughter standing there waiting for her. Yes she forgot her daughter but it gets better. Grace and Caroline head off to Grace's work which also happens to be her fathers horse farm and after taking care of a few things Grace gets mad and starts to leave only to have her sister chase her down the drive with her daughter. Yep she forgot her again! Every time I watch the movie I laugh at this and usually make some kind of comment to the effect of "how do you forget your own kid?"

Well apparently I should have kept my mouth shut because for two days now I've come home from work without stopping to get Emma. Wow, I can't believe I am sharing this but here goes.

Yesterday Dave stopped and picked Ian up to help save me time because we have t-ball and gymnastics. I only had to stop and get Emma so I was able to go a different way which is also the way I would go if I was coming straight home. Now I was on the phone with my sister most of the way home and as I was driving through the alley behind our house it dawned on me that I didn't have Emma. Of course I just kept going and got her then came back home for real. I told my sister what was going on and we both agreed that I was distracted by talking on the phone and it was my normal way home so I was good.

Today I did have to get Ian so I went my normal way to the sitters house and then I went the new way from her house as if I was going to pick Emma up. This time I got a block away from home when I realized I forgot to get Emma again. As I was turning around to go and get her Ian figured out that I hadn't got Emma and told me I was going the wrong way. If only he would have said something two minutes earlier! I really don't know what's wrong with me or how I could possibly forget to get my daughter two days in a row. The only good thing is I haven't gotten in the house before realizing this yet and I'm hoping that doesn't ever happen.

So in leaving you this evening I will just say what Grace said;

God help me! (in a wonderful southern accent)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


A couple of weeks ago i received a flyer in Emma's school folder talking about a fall t-ball and baseball league that the Groveport Rec Center was going to have. I almost didn't read the flyer because Emma was already signed up for gymnastics and I didn't think Ian would be old enough. For some reason I did read it and the first group they had listed was t-birds t-ball for 3 and 4 year olds. I've never seen any t-ball leagues for 3 year old so I immediately called Dave at work and they went and signed Ian up.

Well yesterday was the first practice/game. We arrived at the park and signed in. I was a little worried about how this was going to go when the coach asked Ian his name and he put his glove over his face but Ian eventually warmed up.

They gave each kid a tshirt and hat. Ian is on the Indians so he got a real Cleveland Indians hat and then his shirt is grey with blue letters and numbers. The shirts and hats were huge on all the kids but I guess that's part of the reason they were all so cute.

Once everyone was signed in they talked to us about how things would work. Every week they will have 30 minutes of instructional drills to help teach them how to catch, bat, throw the ball, and run the bases.

The second 30 minutes will be used to play a game. Now I am using game very loosely because it's basically each kid on the team gets to bat once and run the bases while the other team tries to field they balls then they switch. Unfortunately for me right now Emma has gymnastics on Mondays too so I had to leave during the practice part. Dave did fill me in on everything Ian did and I guess he had a really good hit and took off running to first base so fast that his helmet fell off.

When I got home Ian had to tell me all about and he was so excited which made me feel so good. Ian has had to sit through dance and gymnastics classes of Emma's since he was a baby and now it's finally his turn to do something. I also think it will be really good for him since he is so shy. The only problem we had yesterday was Ian didn't want to take his shirt off and he through a fit when I told him he didn't have another class today.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


After six very long days of waiting for an answer and submitting and re=submitting our offer the bank ACCEPTED ours.

A little background, we placed an offer late Friday knowing that there was an offer placed that the bank had countered the it had not been answered. Late Tuesday afternoon we got a call from the bank that owns the house and they stated that they had received multiple offers on the house so they wanted any interested parties to submit there offer Wednesday and they would take the highest offer at the close of business Wednesday. After some digging we found out that it was just us and the other people so we just re submitted our original offer. Today at 3 we received the call that our offer was the highest and we had got the house. It turns out we offered $1,000.00 more than the other people but it was more!

This is Dave and I's first house so it's a huge deal for us. We are so excited to finally be living the American Dream and buying our own house. I am also really excited about the house because it has so much room and it's in an area we really like.

So now we have tons of packing to do and we will have some painting that needs to be done in the new house but it will be so worth it!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A bunch of random stuff

I know you want to know about the house but there isn't much to tell. We put the offer in and the bank said that there were multiple offers so everyone has to resubmit tomorrow morning and they will take the highest offer. Our awesome realtor did some digging and is pretty sure it's us and the other people that had placed an offer and the bank had countered. So we decided to stand firm on the offer we put it and it will be resubmitted tomorrow. If it's meant to be then we will get it if not we keep looking and find the place that's meant to be.

I was a little worried after such a crazy Friday that the weekend would be rough but we got up Saturday and went to one of my best friends house for their annual Ohio State party. There were tons of kids there this year so my two had plenty to keep them occupied while Mommy watched the game and talked. The food was great but way off the nutrition plan that Dave and I had set. The Bucks did win but I'm a little nervous for the first year in a long time about our defense. This weeks game against USC should be interesting.

After the game I came home and cleaned then after dinner Dave and I went to Lowes and looked at appliances. We figure one way or another we are going to have a house by the end of the year and it's pretty likely that we will need appliances so it couldn't hurt. Since I love to cook and spend alto of time in the kitchen I am very picky about what I want. It's the one area I will be a snob and I really don't care. Before you say anything though I did not pick the most expensive items out there. I actually hated the highest end one we saw and fell in love with a very nice Whirlpool Gold set. All stainless, french door fridge, flat cooktop stove. Of course we will be doing some more price shopping to get the best deal but I'm pretty sure that's what we will end up with. Once we got home Dave and I put the kids to bed and fixed ourselves a few cocktails to relax some and we just talked about all of our options.

Sunday we all got up early so I made eggs and turkey bacon for breakfast then Dave headed off to work and the kids and I did the grocery shopping. Once we were home and everything was unloaded we just sat around and watched movies on TV. It was a very nice afternoon.

Yesterday, our last day for the weekend Dave had to work again so he was gone early. The kids and I laid around for a while then we had to go and pick my sister up at the airport. It was the first time Ian had been to the airport other than when he was in my belly and the first time Emma remembers being there so they thought it was really cool. After dropping my tired sister off at home the kids and I went to meet Dave for lunch. We went to Hometown Buffet and the kids cleaned there plates and ate all their desert. Dave and I were shocked! The rest of the day was spent watching DIY networks Manual Labor Day marathon and playing with the kids.

Of course that brings us to today which meant going back to work. For whatever reason 4 day work weeks are always so hard. Today I spent alot of time working on some issues for a client of ours and I still don't have answers for them so I will be working on that again tomorrow. Hopefully I can get it figured out so I can move onto the next issue.

Friday, September 4, 2009

I can't believe it!!!!!

I'm not ready to go into allot of detail but Dave and I signed a offer for a house that we really love. Of course there is the small issue of someone else's bid that the bank countered on and they haven't responded to.

We should know something by Tuesday afternoon so it's going to make for a long weekend. I know if we don't get it then that is what is meant to be but I'm hoping that is not the case and we will own a home in a month or so!

Right now things are strange, this process has been a little crazy and I know not to get emotionally attached to the house but the process itself has brought out a lot of different emotions. I promise once I know something you will know too just pray that it's something good!

Friday's Foto Finish Fiesta

So I am playing along again with Candid Carrie. It's been a while but here I am and it would only be fitting that I share with you a picture from one of my early Friday Foto Finish Fiesta post a year or so ago.

It was only appropriate to show something with my Buckeye's on it seeing as tomorrow is the opening game against Navy. This of course is Emma as an Ohio State Cheerleader and Ian as Brutus the Buckeye from Halloween 2007.

Now before you go you really should watch the video below of the OSU Marching Band, better knonw as THE BEST DAMN BAND IN THE LAND performing the awesome tradition of Script Ohio.

All thats left is Goooooooo BUCKS!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Not a Good Start

Monday Emma had an awesome day at school. She loves her teacher, made friends with one of the girls in her class, and even made friends with some of the older girls on the playground. Of course Monday Dave and I took her to school and I picked her up because I had taken the day off. When I picked her up Miss Goldman made she she understood correctly and from here on out Emma would be riding Bus # 37 to Glendening for EDP (otherwise known as Latchkey, or after school care).

Today Dave got Emma up, feed her breakfast, made sure she brushed her teeth, got her dressed, and made sure she fixed her hair then he took her to school. I called an talked to her before they left and made sure she knew to get on the bus to go to Glendening and she even remembered that her bus was Purple 37 (they give the buses different color to help the younger kids).

At 4 o'clock today as I was getting on the elevator to leave work my phone rang and it was an 836 number which i knew to be a Groveport # but I didn't recognize it. Usually I don't answer numbers I don't know but something told me to answer this one. It's a good thing because it was EDP asking if Emma was supposed to start today. When I told them yes they informed me that the bus had come and gone and Emma wasn't there. At this point panic hit and it took everything I had not to cry. I told them I hadn't heard from her school and both her teacher and Emma knew she was to get on the bus but I would call the school and see what I could find out.

So I called the school and explained to the secretary what was going on. She placed me on hold to check with Emma's teacher to see if Emma was placed on the bus which she was. It was even harder then to not cry but I kept the tears in and asked what I needed to do next to find my daughter. The Secretary gave me the number to the bus companies garage and told me to call them.

I called the bus garage and explained to them how my daughter was placed on the bus but never made it to EDP and that women placed me on hold while she contacted Emma's bus. What seemed like and hour later, probably less than a minute, the lady came back and said Emma was still on the bus and didn't get off at her stop so they were going to turn around and take her back. Of course I was super relieved to know Emma was safe but then I got a little angry that this happen. I asked the women at tha garage if the bus drivers were supposed to make sure the kids got off at the right stops and she told me no. This was very surprising to me and I expressed that to the women. I explained to her that Emma was a Kindergartner and this was her first day on the bus so how was she supposed to know when to get off and it just didn't make sense to me that no one was checking this. the women's response to me was "didn't I know an older kid that got off at the same stop who could make sure Emma got off". Of course this just flat pissed me off and I told the lady that no I did not know any older kids because Emma was my oldest and it was her first day. The women then suggested that I put a tag on Emma saying Glendening so they would know when she was supposed to get off to which I responded with well if I do that will the driver check all the kids on the bus after each stop to make sure they got off because you just told me they don't check and Emma does have a huge kite shaped sign on her bookbag that says Glendening. The women didn't know how to respond to that and just said well that's the best I can do.

After I got off the phone with her I called Emmas school and EDP to let them know what had happen. When Emma arrived at EDP they called to let me know she was fine and there. When I picked Emma up tonight the EDP teachers told me that since the bus driver wasn't checking they would go out to the bus to make sure Emma got off until she was comfortable with it. They also said it was strange that the driver wasn't checking that this year since they have such little ones on the bus.

I feel much better know knowing the teachers will check but it really was not a good way to start the year. Hopefully things only get better from here on out!