Tuesday, September 15, 2009


A couple of weeks ago i received a flyer in Emma's school folder talking about a fall t-ball and baseball league that the Groveport Rec Center was going to have. I almost didn't read the flyer because Emma was already signed up for gymnastics and I didn't think Ian would be old enough. For some reason I did read it and the first group they had listed was t-birds t-ball for 3 and 4 year olds. I've never seen any t-ball leagues for 3 year old so I immediately called Dave at work and they went and signed Ian up.

Well yesterday was the first practice/game. We arrived at the park and signed in. I was a little worried about how this was going to go when the coach asked Ian his name and he put his glove over his face but Ian eventually warmed up.

They gave each kid a tshirt and hat. Ian is on the Indians so he got a real Cleveland Indians hat and then his shirt is grey with blue letters and numbers. The shirts and hats were huge on all the kids but I guess that's part of the reason they were all so cute.

Once everyone was signed in they talked to us about how things would work. Every week they will have 30 minutes of instructional drills to help teach them how to catch, bat, throw the ball, and run the bases.

The second 30 minutes will be used to play a game. Now I am using game very loosely because it's basically each kid on the team gets to bat once and run the bases while the other team tries to field they balls then they switch. Unfortunately for me right now Emma has gymnastics on Mondays too so I had to leave during the practice part. Dave did fill me in on everything Ian did and I guess he had a really good hit and took off running to first base so fast that his helmet fell off.

When I got home Ian had to tell me all about and he was so excited which made me feel so good. Ian has had to sit through dance and gymnastics classes of Emma's since he was a baby and now it's finally his turn to do something. I also think it will be really good for him since he is so shy. The only problem we had yesterday was Ian didn't want to take his shirt off and he through a fit when I told him he didn't have another class today.


Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

I love the picture of the glove over the face! Priceless!!!

Tiffany McCallen said...

I too, love the glove pic. Gotta frame that one! So glad to hear that Ian is having a chance to enjoy his own adventures and thriving in them.