Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A bunch of random stuff

I know you want to know about the house but there isn't much to tell. We put the offer in and the bank said that there were multiple offers so everyone has to resubmit tomorrow morning and they will take the highest offer. Our awesome realtor did some digging and is pretty sure it's us and the other people that had placed an offer and the bank had countered. So we decided to stand firm on the offer we put it and it will be resubmitted tomorrow. If it's meant to be then we will get it if not we keep looking and find the place that's meant to be.

I was a little worried after such a crazy Friday that the weekend would be rough but we got up Saturday and went to one of my best friends house for their annual Ohio State party. There were tons of kids there this year so my two had plenty to keep them occupied while Mommy watched the game and talked. The food was great but way off the nutrition plan that Dave and I had set. The Bucks did win but I'm a little nervous for the first year in a long time about our defense. This weeks game against USC should be interesting.

After the game I came home and cleaned then after dinner Dave and I went to Lowes and looked at appliances. We figure one way or another we are going to have a house by the end of the year and it's pretty likely that we will need appliances so it couldn't hurt. Since I love to cook and spend alto of time in the kitchen I am very picky about what I want. It's the one area I will be a snob and I really don't care. Before you say anything though I did not pick the most expensive items out there. I actually hated the highest end one we saw and fell in love with a very nice Whirlpool Gold set. All stainless, french door fridge, flat cooktop stove. Of course we will be doing some more price shopping to get the best deal but I'm pretty sure that's what we will end up with. Once we got home Dave and I put the kids to bed and fixed ourselves a few cocktails to relax some and we just talked about all of our options.

Sunday we all got up early so I made eggs and turkey bacon for breakfast then Dave headed off to work and the kids and I did the grocery shopping. Once we were home and everything was unloaded we just sat around and watched movies on TV. It was a very nice afternoon.

Yesterday, our last day for the weekend Dave had to work again so he was gone early. The kids and I laid around for a while then we had to go and pick my sister up at the airport. It was the first time Ian had been to the airport other than when he was in my belly and the first time Emma remembers being there so they thought it was really cool. After dropping my tired sister off at home the kids and I went to meet Dave for lunch. We went to Hometown Buffet and the kids cleaned there plates and ate all their desert. Dave and I were shocked! The rest of the day was spent watching DIY networks Manual Labor Day marathon and playing with the kids.

Of course that brings us to today which meant going back to work. For whatever reason 4 day work weeks are always so hard. Today I spent alot of time working on some issues for a client of ours and I still don't have answers for them so I will be working on that again tomorrow. Hopefully I can get it figured out so I can move onto the next issue.


Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Whew! You all have been busy! Best of luck on the house bid. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!

Tabi said...

Good luck with the house!! I hope you find out something soon, the waiting is always the worst!