Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Something To Talk About

Before we start if you have never seen the movie Something to Talk About with Julia Roberts you need to watch the trailer below before we go on and I highly recommend watching the movie sometime because it is my all time favorite Julia Roberts movie.

Ok now that you have a little bit of an idea about the movie let me explain the opening scene of the movie. Julia Roberts character Grace and her husband and daughter are getting ready for the day. Grace and her husband walk out the front door and head off to work. Grace gets a block down the street and then you see her back up to the house and open the front door to her daughter standing there waiting for her. Yes she forgot her daughter but it gets better. Grace and Caroline head off to Grace's work which also happens to be her fathers horse farm and after taking care of a few things Grace gets mad and starts to leave only to have her sister chase her down the drive with her daughter. Yep she forgot her again! Every time I watch the movie I laugh at this and usually make some kind of comment to the effect of "how do you forget your own kid?"

Well apparently I should have kept my mouth shut because for two days now I've come home from work without stopping to get Emma. Wow, I can't believe I am sharing this but here goes.

Yesterday Dave stopped and picked Ian up to help save me time because we have t-ball and gymnastics. I only had to stop and get Emma so I was able to go a different way which is also the way I would go if I was coming straight home. Now I was on the phone with my sister most of the way home and as I was driving through the alley behind our house it dawned on me that I didn't have Emma. Of course I just kept going and got her then came back home for real. I told my sister what was going on and we both agreed that I was distracted by talking on the phone and it was my normal way home so I was good.

Today I did have to get Ian so I went my normal way to the sitters house and then I went the new way from her house as if I was going to pick Emma up. This time I got a block away from home when I realized I forgot to get Emma again. As I was turning around to go and get her Ian figured out that I hadn't got Emma and told me I was going the wrong way. If only he would have said something two minutes earlier! I really don't know what's wrong with me or how I could possibly forget to get my daughter two days in a row. The only good thing is I haven't gotten in the house before realizing this yet and I'm hoping that doesn't ever happen.

So in leaving you this evening I will just say what Grace said;

God help me! (in a wonderful southern accent)

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Tiffany McCallen said...

I chalk it up to two possibilities: you've got classic mommy brain, or you're pregnant. :) And since I know you're not pregnant, it must be the former. Did you remember today?