Wednesday, April 16, 2008

and The Jerk of the Year Award goes to.....

Over the weekend Dave and I decided that it was time for us to have a Family picture taken. I decided that on Monday I would take the kids to Kohls since I was going to be off work in hopes that I would find some shirts to wear for the pictures. For anyone who has a little boy they know this is not an easy feat. They just don't make enough clothes for them.

So Monday morning I get myself and the kids ready and we headed off to Kohls. To my surprise I was able to find an adorable polo for Ian and shirts for the rest of us that matched. So naturally I make my way to the checkout line which for that time of day was pretty long.

While I'm standing there the man and girl beside me start having an argument. They were really loud about the whole thing and the other people in line had started to stare at them. It was really hard not to, but I did my best to keep my head turned in the opposite direction. I can only assume that this girl was a senior in High School and the man she was arguing with was her father or parent of some sort. They were arguing about whether or not she was going to go to College right after she graduated. Like most parents this man wanted her to and like a lot of seniors she didn't.

Other than the fact that they were having this fight in a line at Kohls nothing was wrong with it untill I hear this man say to her and I quote " If you don't go to college you will end up like THIS LADY, pregnant and then you will have to get married, that life will consume you and you will never find a good job." As soon as I heard the words "THIS LADY" I turned my head to look at them only to see him pointing directly at me.

Before I could think the words EXCUSE ME came flying out of my mouth. Now I think most people in his situation might have tried to explain there way out of this mess, but not this man. His response to me was WHAT? It was all over from there, I just let loose and said something that went a little like this;

Maybe the next time you want to talk about someone you might want to keep your voice down. And for your information I did not get pregnant, then get married. I was married first to my boyfriend of over 5 years, then we planned to have our daughter, and 2 years after that we planned to have our son. I also have a great job I just happen to have taken the day off to spend time with my family so why don't you shut your mouth you A-hole.

Man did that feel good! Can you beileve the nerve of this guy. Thankfully he was smart enough to keep his mouth shut and leave the store, with a little help from his daughter who was completly embarassed.

Something tells me I will never again be able to enter a Kohls store without thinking of this man and his rude comment.


Tiffany McCallen said...

Again, I have to say... that was some sort of restraint you showed. I would have decked the idiot.

JWilson said...

I truly wanted to beat the snot out of him but I didn't think my kids need to see that. Or see my butt hauled of to jail. It just wasn't worth it!