Tuesday, April 22, 2008

80's Flashback

This morning I got to my parking lot a little early so I was sitting there listening to my favorite morning talk show (The Morning Zoo) and this car pulls in. I know a car pulls in a parking lot big surprise! The reason I noticed this car was because it was a black Trans Am in very good condition and you don't really see those anymore.

Anyway, this guy starts to get out and I about lost it at that moment. Why you ask did I almost loose it? Well he was wearing a pair of the tightest black jeans I have ever seen, a short sleeved button up shirt in black with a kind of Hawian print, white high tops, a pair of 80's style police sunglasses, and he had dark thick hair with a thick mustache. Can we say Tom Selec wana-be. I really thought to myself what year is it? and What hole did this guy come out of?

Seriously if any of you know men that are still dressing like this send them an anoynomous letter telling them it's not cool anymore.

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Lindsay said...

That is hilarious! I've seen some people like that and it's a little scary! I guess some people just don't want to let go. LOL!