Friday, April 25, 2008

Do you believe in GHOST?

I do! Why, you ask do I believe in ghost? Well my reasons are all based on experiences my husband has had.

After Hurricane Katrina hit my husband went down to New Orleans as armed security. Him and a few friends were stationed in the French Quarter and they guarded two different hotels. During the first few weeks he was down there the city was closed off to everyone except them and the military. On many occasions him and the others would see orbs and shadows as well as hearing foot steps on the floors above them. They also came to realize that these ghost (spirits) either liked to play games or didn't like the TV because they were constantly turning it off. My husband even had one reach out and touch him.

Most people are probably thinking to themselves that there has to be another explanation for all of that and I don't blame them. Knowing Dave the way I do I know that when those things were happening he tried to find any other possible explanation and there just weren't any. Basically he tried his best to debunk the ghosts. Before his stay in New Orleans I really didn't have an opinion one way or another but I do now.

This past fall Dave and I discovered a show on the Sci- Fi channel called Ghost Hunters and we instantly loved it. We watch it every Wednesday night at 9. I think what attracted us to it is how the teams use hard evidence to prove if a place is haunted or not. They also will try, and sometimes succeed in debunking some of the stories. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend you watch one episode, even if you are a scardy pants. :)

On this weeks episode they traveled to Nevada to investigate two very old hotels. Compared to some of the episodes this season it wasn't to exciting except for this one EVP (device they use to capture voices that aren't heard at the time). Kris (the female investigator) was in a room where a man had chained his wife to a radiator because she got pregnant by another man and the women died there. She was asking this lady some questions and also talking with one of the other investigators and the recording picked up a mans voice that clearly was saying "Get the B*#$! Out". Whoever that ghost is he was not happy, that's for sure.

Next weeks episode looks like it will be a pretty exciting one. They are going to an Insane Asylum where Charles Manson once was. I'll let you know how it turns out, until then Happy Haunting!

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