Saturday, April 26, 2008

Something Fun (maybe)

Where is your cell phone? On the end table beside me.
Your significant other? At work.
Your hair? Straight today
Your mother? Probably at home
Your father? In Heaven
Your favorite thing? Peace and quiet
Your dream last night? I never remember my dreams
Your favorite drink? Soft Drink: Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi, or Sweetened Iced Tea, Mixed Drink: Mojito, Wine: Merlot
Your dream/goal? To be an awesome Event Planner.
The room you're in? Our living room.
Your ex? There aren't too many since I married by High School Sweetheart.
Your fear? That Dave or one of my kids will die.
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Pretty much where I, just making a little more money at work, and for Dave to be done with school and have an awesome job he loves.
Where were you last night? Polaris, and home
What you're not?
Muffins? Good times!
One of your wish list items? A new SUV with third row seating
Where you grew up? Central Ohio GO BUCKS!
The last thing you did? wrote a post about my afternoon with the girls
What are you wearing? Jeans from Charlotte Rouch, a black lace Cami, a grey tee, and black buckle sandals.
Your TV? Old and about to be replaced.
Your pets? One Chiuaua Ginger who we adopted the day before Thanksgiving. She's not exactly the Bulldog Dave dreams about. :)
Your computer? A Presario Compac Laptop which I'm using now. I have no clue what the main computer in the office is since my husband built it himself (he's in school for IT)
Your life? Crazy, Busy, and good.
Your mood? relaxed
Missing someone? My kids
Your car? Hyundai Santa Fe
Something you're not wearing? a bracelet
Favorite store? It usually depends on what I'm looking for but an all around good one is Target
Your summer? Nothing special
Like someone? Yep.
Your favorite color? Lavender.
When is the last time you laughed? A few hours ago.
Last time you cried? Last weekend while reading a book. I cry at everything
Who will repost this? Who knows.


Carrie said...

That was really cute!

I had a Santa Fe and traded it in for the Honda Odyssey. I was tired of being claustraphobic and making to trips to haul all the kids :)

JWilson said...

Thanks for posting a comment Carrie. You are my fist no friend to comment.

I love my Snata Fe but it is a little small with two kids. I really would like the Mazda CX-9 but I have about 6 more months to pay on my car.