Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I have a new name....

... and it is Aunt Jessie! On Monday at 6:39pm Cayden Elizabeth Jurden was born. Cayden is the first born of my brother Nick and his wife Alicia. She is also the first baby to born that isn't one of mine.

I have wanted to be an Aunt since before Ian was born. At that time my sister and brothers were no where near the baby point in their lives. When Nick and Alicia got married I knew they weren't ready but I was even more ready. I had prepared myself to wait another five years because Nick was saying it would be 10 (I knew he wouldn't hold out that long). I was really surprised this past spring when Nick and Alicia sprung the news on me that they were going to have a baby, but I was so excited.

It's been a long nine months but I waited patiently for my niece to arrive and she finally did this week. I knew I already loved that little girl but I was not prepared for how strong that love would be the instant I saw her for the first time. Everyone talks about how you will have those instant feelings as a parent but no one mentioned them as an Aunt. I think Emma and Ian have those feelings to. They got to hold their cousin last night and each of them were beaming.

I'm so proud of my Nick and Alicia and I can't wait to watch Cayden grow up!


Tabi said...

Congrats!! I still remember becoming an Aunt for the first time! I was so excited and each time after that I was equally as excited! Enjoy Auntie hood because you get to send them home! Ha!

Anonymous said...

So excited for your whole family! - Tif