Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

Tomorrow my baby girl will be 6 years old which seems completely crazy! This morning we had her birthday party at the Roller Skating Rink like we did last year. It is so nice to have great friends that let us go in before it opens and have a private party. Before we left this morning I had to snap a few pictures of Emma and this one I just love!

As soon as we got to the rink Emma and Ian had to get their skates on.

The rest of us eventually got ours on too and then we had to do the Chicken Dance for Emma

and the limbo for my sister. Steph won last year and was bragging she was going to win again this year. I wanted to beat her so badly but again she won.

After the limbo we had pizza and then it was all about the presents. Emma has been asking for the Barbie Doll heads that you can do their hair since the beginning of summer so Dave and I got her one and I think she liked it.

After all the presents were opened we did cake and then it was all over.

Again this year Emma's birthday party was great and we all had a good time. Tomorrow Emma gets to take chocolate cupcakes into school for her class and then we will have our normal Monday evening craziness of t-ball and gymnastics.


Anonymous said...

We had a good time! Especially once Noah FINALLY warmed up. :) Thanks! - tif

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Happy Birthday to Emma. She is a skating queen! Love that photo! Looks like she had a great birthday!!!