Monday, December 7, 2009

The Nutcracker Tradition

The first Christmas Dave and I were together his boss at the time Kelly bought us a nutcracker.

He has gone up every year since and I have always loved him. Last year both the kids took a special liking to him. Ian was completely amazed by him and wanted to move his mouth all the time. A few days after Christmas we were all at Target and they had a bunch of nutcrackers clearance so Dave and I decided we were going to start a tradition and get a new nutcracker every year starting right then. We let the kids pick which one we got and here is what they picked.

This year a few weeks before we moved Dave and I were at Kohls and they were starting to put up their Christmas decoration. I hate that they have Christmas stuff up before Halloween now but for some reason I just had to walk through it all to see what was there. I turned one of corners in the back and ran straight into their nutcrackers. I instantly saw a Scottish Bagpiper and I just new that was the one for this year. It just so happen it was on sale for under $10.00 and since we were going to get one at some point we went ahead and got him because he was just perfect.

I had already packed all of my decorations so I just left my Scotsmen in the bag and then brought that bag along with some other small things we had bought for the house over the first night we owned the house. He has been sitting on our mantel ever since, even before the holidays. My MIL saw him the first weekend we were here and we talked about how we had decided to start collecting them. Thanksgiving weekend when she brought the kids home she also brought two round and fat baby nutcrackers to add to our collection.

So we are now up to 5 and I already know that I want a tall one that can sit beside the fireplace for next year and I'm hoping for a traditional one.


Anonymous said...

Cute tradition! I don't have a single nutcracker at my house, but my mom does. She even puts out nuts sometimes if you feel so inclined. - Tif

Mom to 3 Monkeys...Lexey said...

I love it! ITs very similar to US! Great minds must think alike! Our first was because my oldest really wanted one so we got a classic. Then as we had more kids they started to get enamoured. So then we got one that is a Italian soldier, then firefighter, this year I got home and same time as OCTOBER they had gotten one. A US. Soldier, which is super fiting for us.I love your police guy and the bagpiper is great! So many neat ones!