Friday, July 9, 2010

Cancer Survivor

Hallelujah, praise the Lord my sister is officially a Cancer Survivor!

On Tuesday afternoon Steph had her final scan to make sure the radiation treatment got rid of all the cancer cells and it came back clean. I am so thankful that Steph found the tumor early and that the surgery and radiation went smoothly but I'm even more thankful that my sister can go back to living her life.

Steph has always been that person that everyone wants to be around. She is the life of the party and every ones best friend. The moment she found out she had cancer life changed for her. Between the stress and depression that goes with learning you have Cancer and the fact that her doctors didn't want her doing much Steph ending spending large amounts of time at home. For her that was difficult and while it taught her that she can be alone and stay home it's not who she is. Of course she did take it easy for months and not do much because she new she needed all the energy possible to fight the Cancer but now she doesn't have to.

When I talked to Steph today I could her the difference of attitude in her voice. She seems to be more of the old happy, always upbeat, constantly going sister that I love. Until today I didn't realize how much I was missing the old Steph but hearing her voice just made me smile.

I couldn't be prouder of my sister for how strong she has been throughout all of this and while she feels funny calling herself a Cancer Survivor I don't because that is exactly what she is and that is an amazing accomplishment.