Monday, October 4, 2010

The First Tooth

Back in August shortly after school started the kids and I were eating dinner one evening when out of no where Emma starts crying. At first I couldn't figure out what was going on but finally Emma was able to tell me through her tears that her tooth hurt. After some investigating I figured out it was loose. As soon as I told Emma this the tears stopped and she was so excited. Last year Emma was the only kid in her class that didn't loose a tooth so this was a big deal.

A few weeks went by and Emma refused to wiggle her tooth or pull it out even though by then it was barley hanging on. The Sunday morning before Labor Day Emma was taking a shower. I told her to finish washing and get out. Within seconds of hearing the water turn off Emma came running into the living wrapped in a towel, soaking wet, and yelling it came out,it came out. It took me a few seconds to realize she was talking about her tooth. Emma spent the rest of the day carrying her tooth around in a baggie and asking how much we thought the Tooth Fairy would bring her.

That night was the easiest bed time with her I have ever had. I tucked Emma in and placed her tooth under her pillow. After I left her room I told Dave that he would need to take the tooth and put money under Emma's pillow since he stays up the latest. Around 2am I woke up and realized I had forgot to tell Dave to save the tooth for me so I got up and went in search of it. When I couldn't find it I had a thought that just possibly Dave forgot to play Tooth Fairy. Being the good mother and best Tooth Fairy I grabbed some money and tip toed up to Emma's room. I reached under her pillow and instead of feeling money I felt the baggie. I was so glad I had grabbed the money before I went up their and was able to place it under the pillow and make a quick escape. I can't imagine how heart broken Emma would have been if the she would have woken up to her tooth and no money. Instead I got a 7 am wake up call from a super excited Emma showing me the money the Tooth Fairy left for her.

So far this is the one and only tooth to come out or even be loose. I think I will be staying up late for the next one to insure the Tooth Fairy leaves a prize.


Tiffany McCallen said...

How fun! Way to go, tooth fairy.

Tabi said...

Just going through my posts and realized you haven't blogged in awhile! Hope all is well!!