Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Savannah Day 1 - On the Road

At 4:30am this morning Dave and I left our house and hit the road for Savannah, Georgia.

After what seemed like an eternity we finally made it to West Virginia.

At some point in the West Virginia the sun finally came up but it was very overcast and there was tons of fog coming off the mountains.

Next up was the very pretty state of Virginia.

Just at the edge of Virginia and North Carolina we hit some VERY, VERY, VERY nasty fog. It didn't help that we were winding our way down the mountains and we couldn't even see the front of our car. Looking back I wish I would have taken a picture of it but I was too focused on helping Dave watch the road.

The third state on our trip was North Carolina.

About half way through NC the sun came out and the temperatures started to rise. By the time we got all the way through NC it was in the 90's and I couldn't have been happier. Up until that point I had been wearing my OSU sweatshirt. I can't ever remember needing to wear a sweatshirt in freaking July before this.

The next to last state was South Carolina.

SC was a very long state for us because we started in the northwest corner and drove southeast across the state. I did enjoy seeing all the baby Palm tress (that's what I call them but they were really just tiny palm tress).

Finally we arrived in the Peach state of Georgia.

Within minutes of entering the state we were at our hotel. Overall the ride down was not bad at all, other than the fog and one mini rain shower the weather was perfect. The best part was we only had to stop 3 times, two potty breaks and one gas break.

We are staying at a hotel in a suburb of Savannah because I got a really good deal on the room. I was expecting the room to be a normal hotel room with a bed, tv, dresser, and table so when I walked in and saw this I was pleasantly surprised;

Since we arrived a little before 3 we decided to relax a little in our room. About 4we left and went into the Historic District of Savannah. I wanted to stop by the Visitors Bureau for some maps of the city but one of the employees there was very helpful and gave us a great book with maps and all kinds of other info. Before we left the hotel we made dinner reservations at The Pirate's House for 7pm so we had some time to kill. We decided to walk a block over and check out the Riverwalk. This street follows the Savannah River and is full of little shops and restaurants.
You enter the Riverwalk by going down these crazy steep and thin steps beside the Cotton Exchange.

The sidewalks down there and in some other areas are made of crushed shells and cement.

Our first stop on the Riverwalk was the Candy Kitchen and I truly think this is the largest candy store ever. They had all kinds of chocolates, tons of pecans and peanut brittle, salt water taffys, and then the usual gummy candies, rock candy, and old fashion hard candy. One of the cool products they had were all different kinds of tins that if you purchased the tin you could fill it for free with salt water taffy so we got Emma and Ian a small tin each with the taffy in it. I picked out a bag of glazed pecans for myself and Dave got a bag of Chocolate Peanut Brittle. We also bought a bag of Paula Dean coffee for a friend of ours.

After the candy store we walked through a fee other souvenir shops and checked out the goods. We picked up two postcards at one of them. One to send to Emma and one for Ian because yesterday before bed Emma asked if we would send her one in the mail even though we will beat it home. Of course we couldn't send one to Emma and not Ian hence the two postcards. As soon as I'm done with this post I will be writing those for the morning. The rest of the time we just walked around and and checked things out.

Our last stop for the evening was dinner at the Pirates House. The building was built in the 1700's and was part of the Trustees Garden. Later it was turned into an Inn and pirates and see goers would stop in for drinks. Of course the building is said to be haunted by many ghost but the most famous would probably be Captain Flint. It is said that he died in an upstairs room and still walks the halls. Dave and I did not experience anything strange while we were there but we did have an excellent meal.

Now we are back at the hotel and I we are watching Ghost Hunters International and then we will be heading to bed. It has been a long day but a good one and we have lots of fun stuff planned for tomorrow.

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Tiffany McCallen said...

I'm so impressed that you're so thoroughly blogging while on vacation. And your trip looks like fun already! Have fun on day 2...