Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas Shopping

A few weeks ago while I was sitting at home by myself on veterans day I decided to do some more research on a Christmas present idea I had for the kids. Both Emma and Ian love music and they both love my iPod. In fact they often fight over who gets to listen to it and spend allot of evenings trading back and forth. Them using my ipod, however has taken it's toll on my headphones and on me. I remembered a few years ago when Fisher Price came out with their kid tough toy line (the one with the cameras and dvd players) that it included an mp3 player.

I looked at all the major toy store sites and couldn't find it. I finally got on Fisher Price's site but they didn't even have it but they did have headphones that were fp3 compatible. The fp3 stuck out to me so I googled that and found exactly what I was looking for on Amazon. Of course there was a problem though, a single fp3 player was priced at $160.00 and I knew that would be to much for us to get one for each of the kids.

At that point I went back to the Internet and searched, and searched, and searched for kid friendly mp3 players. I'm still surprised that there aren't any out there. the ones that come out are not really mp3 players. They do have ones that have preloaded music on them but you can't add your own and they don't have very many on them.

I decided to try one more thing before I gave up on the mp3 idea for the kids big Christmas gift. I got on eBay which I never do and searched. I couldn't believe it there were a bunch of used ones for sale as well as a bunch of new ones still in the unopened package and the prices were so much cheaper. I immediately called Dave and he got on his account to place a bid on the set of two, one pink and one blue. In the end Dave and I won the bid and got both plus shipping for less than the amazon price for one. They are both now in our new secret Santa present hiding spot and I can't wait to give them to the kids I just know they are going to love them. Now I just have to decided what else to get them for Christmas that will fit in the budget, of course they want everything they see.

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Way to go mom! - Tif