Monday, November 2, 2009

The Post I've been Avoiding

I've been avoiding writing this post because I'm afraid it will make me cry but I figure sooner or later it has to come out so here goes.

This past May my little sister Steph went to the annual P.A. Conference. This years conference was in San Diego California. It just so happen that Steph had a good friend from college who moved out their to work for Homeland Security. Well Steph came back from her trip and she was completely in love with the area. It was at that point she started looking into finding a P.A. job out there.

After Steph passed her medical boards this summer she went back out and stayed with her friend and his roommates while she did some major job hunting. While she was their she met someone who she really liked and she was able to apply for quit a few jobs. When she came back after that trip you could just tell that Steph desperately wanted to be in San Diego which was so hard for me. I always thought that once she was done with school she would come back to Columbus and settle down.

Then a month ago Steph received a phone call from a Sleep Clinic in Orange County that she had applied to while she was there. A little background info, for a year after Steph graduated from undergrad and before she started grad school she worked as a sleep tech from a clinic here in Columbus. When this office saw Stephs background they jumped. Apparently there are very few sleep clinics in California unlike here and they have been having trouble finding someone. They conducted a phone interview and told Steph they were looking for someone that was upbeat and bubbly, not aggressive, and could handle 10 to 15 patients. Anyone who knows Steph knows she is not aggressive and has a very bubbly personality and her during her last rotation she was seeing anywhere between 40 and 50 patients a day. Add all of that with her sleep experience and I just knew this job was meant to be. So two weeks later she flew out and had a interview and then worked with the doctor in his office for a couple of days. Like I predicted they loved her and offered her a job.

Steph flew home and her new boyfriend Arron flew out so that we could meet him. In the short time he has known Steph he was able to tell how close she is with us and how much family means to her and he wanted us to be know someone she would be out there with. Thankfully we all really liked Arron, even Dave which is very surprising.

So a week ago today Steph left for a three day drive to get herself, her car, and some of her stuff out there. She came by the house the night before she left to say goodbye to the kids, Dave and I and it was one of the hardest things I've had to do. I know I will see her at Christmas but it's just not the same. I can't call her to come over for dinner any old night, or plan a girls movie night when my MIL has the kids. For the longest time I have known Steph isn't the person to stay still but I never thought she would move all the way across the country. Even now when I think about how far she is I start to tear up. I know everyone says I can still call her, and we have a web cam but no matter what it's just not the same! She says she only wants to be there for two to three years but I'm just not so sure about that.

Even though I am sad for myself right now I am so proud of my sister for going after her dreams and working so hard to achieve them. I am also proud of her for driving across country by herself without getting lost or having any problems. Now if Christmas would hurry up and get her so I can see her again.


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain... with my sister so far away it's hard! Hope the days go by quickly so you can see her soon! - Tif

Blarney said...

The only thing that will cure you will be frequent winter vacations to visit her. Sun, surf, Disney and family cures everything! Oh and when you visit make sure you send pictures via blog to those of us who are burried in snow.

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Awww! There is a special bond between sisters. I love my sister to death and remembered when she moved a few hours away. It definitely made us closer though!
Best of luck to your sister and her new job. Sending you hugs!

Emily said...

I love you Jess. I know you are hurtin, sending you so much love.