Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ride Em' Cowboy

My MIL had the kids this weekend so I took advantage of the no kid time and made good use of being stuck in the house all day while Broadview installed our security system by painting Ian's room.

This is what Ian's room looked like when we moved in.

Obviously we couldn't have Ian sleeping in a dark purple room, we knew we would have to paint it and fairly soon so we hadn't put any of Ian's things together. Ian has been sleeping with Emma for the past two weeks because of this.

When we found out we had got this house we asked both the kids what they wanted done with their rooms. The only thing Ian said was that he wanted his room to be green. Now my mom spent a long time making a cowboy themed quilt for Ian's bed and I love it, not to mention I have a lot of very nice and cute decorations that go with that room. I spent a lot of time on line looking at decoration sites trying to figure out how to incorporate green walls with the blue, red, and tan bedding I had.

After a few weeks of searching and not being able to find anything I started trying to talk Ian into another color but he kept insisting he get green walls. Then one Saturday afternoon I was packing up Ian's room and I came across a box of stuff my mom had found for Ian's room when we first moved into the last house. It was some of that sticker wall boarder and decals for kids and it happened to be cowboy themed. With the shape of Ian's room at the last house I wasn't able to use it so I had put it up and forgot about it. Once I started looking at it I noticed it had a bunch of green in it and then the light bulb went off. Here is what I came up with.

I think the green or Canteen as Eddie Bauer calls it looks great and it matches the green in the border perfectly and the brown or Cayenne is a nice rustic shade of brown that was taken from the rope detail in the border. I still have a few things left to get for the walls in his room, like some wooden letters that spell his name, and a valance, but for the most part Ian's room is done and it feels good to finally have accomplished. The best part though was to see Ian's face when he walked in tonight. He loves his room and he was so happy that it has green in it.


Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

What a cute room! You guys did a great job!!!!

Mom to 3 Monkeys...Lexey said...

You did an amazing job on that. I wasn't sure how when you were describing it the green would go but you really pulled it together. What fun!