Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm still sore and tired!

This past weekend ended up being a fun weekend despite the aches in pains in my knee and back.

Saturday the kids and I drove down to my Grandmas (moms mom) to celebrate Easter with that side of the family. Here in Ohio it was an amazingly beautiful day filled with sun, blue clouds, and a high close to 80. My sister had a friend meet her at my grandmas so she rode down there with us which made the drive for me easier.

When we first arrived it was just us there so Steph and I helped Grams with some things and then went to raid the movie closet while the kids played with their faviorite things at Mimis (their name for my Grams) house.

Our Grams husband Robert was a huge movie buff and collected a wide range of movies during his life. He also liked to video tape and photograph events when his health was better. What I leading you to is that Steph and I decided to pick a few old family movies to watch once everyone else arrived. The tape we choose had a Christmas Parade my dance studio was in from 1990. After that came Christmas Day with the family. Surprisingly it was at our old house instead of Grandma's that year. We all got a huge kick out of our clothes and hair styles but the best dressed award was given to my cousin Chris. He was 9 that year and was wearing the classic acid wash jeans and high top sneakers with a very strange t-shirt in neon colors with a figure of what looked like a man. The best part of his outfit however was the navy blue windbreaker that had HOT PINK swirls all over it, so many that you really didn't see anything else. Of course he was also sporting the spikey mullet hair do.

After the video we had an awesome lunch and great desert. If anyone wants an awesome light summer desert check out this recipe from Krafts Food and Family magazine. I made it Friday night and it was a huge hit!

Finally after all of us adults recovered from stuffing our faces with food we took Emma, Ian, and my cousins son Dominic outside for their Easter Egg hunt. In our family it is a tradition to lay eggs out in a path that leads to the Easter baskets. A few years ago to make this process easier we took letter stickers and put E, I's, and D's on the eggs so the kids would know which path was theres. We also hide eggs without the letters for the kids to find once they have found their basket.

After the kids found all the eggs us older grand kids and my Aunt Pat decided it was too nice to go back inside and that we needed to play a game of whiffel ball. My brother KJ and SIL Alicia were chosen to be team captains. Alicia picked me, Aunt Pat, and my sisters friend Casey(a guy). KJ choose Steph, Nick, and our cousin Chris. It just happen to work for us that Chris is coaching his son Dominic's t-ball team so he had all the bases in his car. The game started with KJ's team batting first and I was playing 3rd base. The second person up to bat hit a pop up in my direction and as I was running to catch it my foot found a hole in my grandmas yard which sent me flying thru the air and landing on my knee and face. Of course it had to be the knee that bothers me all the time. I think also twisted my back some in that fall but I'm not sure. All I know is that I should have just stopped right there because my body does not bounce back like it used to. For the first few innings KJ's team was kicking our teams butt but we eventually found our groove and made a good comeback. Unfortunately it wasn't enough to win the game but it was still allot of fun.

After some snacks and good conversation with my cousin Jer it was time for the kids and I to leave. The drive back took about an hour and half and by the time I got home and stepped out of the car I knew I was going to be in major trouble because my knee and back were killing me. I sat on the couch and watched tv the rest of the evening.

When I got up yesterday morning everything hurt despite the fact that I do full body cardio workouts 3 times a week. It was also rainy and grey outside. I decided that I was going to wear my sweats all day and just veg in front of the TV with the kids. We started by watching a DVD of McClintock (John Wayne movie) that I brought home from Grams house. Robert was a HUGE John Wayne fan and this was one of my favorite John Wayne movies to watch with him. The kids sat and watched most of the movie so I think they enjoyed it. After that the kids watched a few shows on Disney while I started some laundry and picked up the kitchen. Then my mom and KJ stopped by and ended up watching Jurassic Park and ordering pizza with us. The kids had never seen Jurassic Park and they loved it! When that was over my mom and KJ left to finish running their errands and the kids and I rented Beethoven on OnDemand. Just as that was ending Dave came home from work which meant it was time for me to start dinner.

I think it was smart of me to do nothing yesterday and just rest because I am still sore today but mainly in my knee and back areas but the game was worth it.


Anonymous said...

We're getting old, aren't we?! Nice day with the fam... - tif

Kelly said...

It sounds like a fun filled day...sorry about your accident; damn holes! Feel better!

Missy said...

Wow! You guys were busy but it sounds like A LOT of fun!!!! Hope you feel better soon!