Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Something for Mom

Last week we made a trip to Kohls so Dave could get some new dress shirts for work and finally use the gift card his mom got him for Christmas. I know I can't believe he still had it to. While we were there we got some summer clothes for Emma and a few new shirts for Ian. Little man still fits into all his stuff from last summer so he really didn't need more but I wanted him to have few nice things.

Last year at this time Kohls started this thing they call Kohls cash where for every $50.00 you spend you get $10.00 in Kohls cash to spend at a later date. Since I was the only one that didn't get anything last week I took the Kohl's cash.

The cash was good starting yesterday through May 6th. I was going to wait and go over the weekend but I had one of those really frustrating days at work. Since Dave was off today and at home I decided to take advantage and I left the kids at home with him and went shopping by myself. I don't know about you but for me just going to a store and looking around cheers me up so actually getting something for just me was even better!

I tried on a bunch of Capri's and tops even though I knew I wasn't going to be able to buy allot and of course everything looked great. That made the decision much harder but I finally decided to go with this

The pants I got in Navy but couldn't find a pic of them everything else is exactly what I got. I was glad to find a pair of sunglasses because one of the lenses in my old pair came out today on my way home from work. I ended up being very proud of myself because the total cost was only $2.00 more than the Kohls cash.

BY the time I got back home I was in a much better mood and was able to play with the kids for a while before they had to get baths and go to bed. Hopefully tomorrow is better because I wont be able to go shopping again.


Lindsay said...

I love shopping by myself! On top of that to only spend $2.00 of your own money is even better! I have some Kohls cash I need to spend...I may just have to take a trip alone myself! :)

Missy said...

You go Girl! What cute items & for such a great price!!!!! I had no idea Kohl's did that - thanks for sharing!