Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Blackberry Humor

Today when I went to pick the kids up from the babysitters I had to wait around for a few minuted until Lindsay got there. She was bringing some catalogues for me to look at tonight so I sat down with the kids to wait. While I was talking to the sitter Emma picked my Blackberry up off the floor to look at the picture.

Like any kid she became fascinated with the phone and the keyboard. It was keeping her quiet and occupied while we waited so I let her play with it. When it was finally time to leave Emma asked if she could hold my phone in the car on the way home. I really didn't care so I said sure.

About half way home Emma asked me what kind of phone I had and I told her that it was called a Blackberry.

Note to reader, if I wasn't so lazy I would have a link here to my post about my BB so you could see the color of it but that is too much work for me tonight. So take my word for it it's RED.

She instantly started laughing and said to me that she thought it was more like a pinkberry!

Yes you have got to love kids and there thought process!

On a different note, all you moms out there should go and check out the giveaway that Two Little Monkeyes has going on right now. This women is truly amazing and her crafts projects are just great. As soon as I get some free time I will be making the hairbands in her tutorial.

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Missy said...

Great story! I wished I had a pinkberry too!

Thanks for your kind words! I am in awe at the giveaway turn out! Wishing you luck on winning! And please let me know if my tutorial is horrible & unable to follow (it was my first!)