Monday, March 30, 2009

Another Birthday Celebration

Yesterday when Sharon brought the kids home she stuck around and we finally celebrated Dave's birthday with her. She wanted to take us all out to dinner but Dave wasn't in the mood to go anywhere. So we ordered in pizza and she stopped at the store and picked up a cake for Dave.

It was very nice to not have to make anything for dinner last night so I didn't mind the pizza too much even though I had pizza on Saturday night too (they were from different places). Of course Sharon made us order more than we would eat so we could have leftovers. It also meant us adults ate more pizza than we really needed to last night.

We could not eat our pizza fast enough for the kids though because they were dying to eat the cake we had waiting for Dave. Once I was finally done eating my pizza I went into the kitchen to cut the cake but Emma came running in and stopped me. She insisted that we light some candles and sing to her daddy. She also insisted that we put 29 candles on Dave's cake. I didn't think I had that many candles in my drawer but I started counting them and low and behold I had more than 29. Now you know lighting that many candles on a cake for Dave meant there was going to be photographic proof so here it is, doesn't he look thrilled?!


Anonymous said...

That's one enthusiastic husband. At least he was a good sport! Happy birthday, again, Dave! :) - tif

Missy said...

Ha! He looks so amused! Love it!