Sunday, March 1, 2009


I was busy yesterday claening and playing referee with my kids and wasn't able to get on here to write this post so I'm doing it today.

Yesterday we celebrated my youngest brother KJ's 13 birthday. Most years we celebrate his birthday on the 28th of February except for Leap Years because KJ's real birthday is February 29th. That's right by brother was born on leap day. When my mom was pregnant she joked that she would have KJ early and it would be on leap day but it really did happen.

This year KJ's birthday seems very strange to me for a few reason. The first one being that my baby brother is now a teenager. The second reason is that I was 13 when my mom got pregnant with him. It was the summer before my Freshman year. I remember one afternoon during the week my mom had taken it off work and Steph, Nick, her, and myself were all cleaning the family room when the phone rang. I answered it but the lady asked for mom. For some reason mom decided to take it down there and while her conversation sounded vague I hear the words after the first trimester. At 13 I was smart enough to know that was referring to pregnancy but I was very confused as to why my mom, a 36 year old single mother of 3, would be talking about it. When my mom got off the phone I followed her upstairs and just asked what was going on. Apparently she wasn't going to tell us kids until after the first trimester but since I asked she told me she was pregnant.

For the next nine months I barely spoke to my mom because I was so angry that she was going to have a baby. I was embarrassed by her but really it doesn't take much for a parent to embarrass you at that age.

I remember waking up the day KJ was born and going upstairs to get my medicine. I was at home sick with strep throat. While I was taking my medicine I could hear my mom was up and on the phone with someone which was strange because it was barley 6 in the morning so I walked back to her room to see. it just so happen that she was on the phone with her doctor because her water had just broke. Later that afternoon KJ's dad called to say he was born and it was for sure a boy.

Now I didn't want much to do with KJ's when he was in my moms stomach but once he was home I fell in love with him. I used to love to sit a rock KJ to sleep but it got really fun when at 7 months I taught KJ how to walk. Mom was so mad at me but I thought it was so cool that he could finally walk because that's when he really got fun. I remember when I went away for College KJ would call me just to talk because he missed me and he was very excited when I moved back to Columbus. I also remember how he was when Emma and Ian were born. He has been a very good uncle to both of them and they just think he is the coolest person ever.

So to my baby brother Happy Birthday and even though your a teenager now you will always be my baby brother. :)


Tiffany McCallen said...

I think it's very cool that you have a little brother. Being 13 years apart makes for a wonderful relationship! Happy birthday, KJ.

Lindsay said...

Wow I can't believe he is 13....when I met you I think he was what 3??? 4??? Time flies....Happy Birthday KJ! :)