Sunday, March 29, 2009

Biker Bars are scary

This weekend the kids were with my MIL. As usually I met her Friday evening half way between here and her house. Dave had to close so I stopped and got myself some dinner on the way home and was just getting ready to start my grocery list when Dave called and said his Uncle Bobby and Steven were at a bar and wanted us to come out.

I agreed to go out with them as long as it wasn't going to be a late night because I had plans to go shopping with my mom Saturday. Looking back I should have asked what bar his uncles were at because it would have seriously changed my mind!

So Dave left work a little before 8 and came by to pick me up. A little side note to my story but when he pulled up he actually honked to have me come out instead of coming in the house for a few seconds. Anyway I went out and got in the car and we drove off. I assumed we were going to his Uncle Bobby's favorite bar Gilley's but Dave pulled into a parking lot that I didn't recognize and the lot was full of motorcycles. I instally asked him where the hell we were and he said his Uncle Steven had started coming to this new bar so that's where we were going. I did not have a good feeling about this but I said ok lets go.

The instant I walked in the door I knew it was going to be a very long night. This bar was very much a hole in the wall type of place that was full of your stereotypical biker looking people. There were women there in tight jeans or leather pants, vest, and bandanna around there heads. I was still in the clothes I wore to work that day which consisted of a jeans, a chocolate brown tee with a teal cami underneath, a chocolate brown corduroy blazer, and my brown croc mary janes heals. I swear it felt like the scenes in the movies when everyone in the bar turns to look at you when you walk in the door because you just don't fit in.

Dave and I made our way to the bar where his uncles were sitting and I sat down and stayed there as much as I possibly could because I was not about to walk around that bar. The only thing that helped me feel a little better was that Dave was still in his work clothes of dress pants, a shirt and tie, and his Toyota jacket. I did get up once to use the bathroom and I have had two showers since but I'm not sure I am clean after being in that bathroom. It was the worst bathroom I have ever been in and I just wanted to die!

Of course a trip to a biker bar would not be complete without a bar fight and there was one of those. Apparently the two guys were brothers and started arguing about something which led to some pushing, and then some punches were thrown. The pushing got them out the front door so all the punches were thrown in the parking lot thank god.

Clearly I made it home that night in one piece and I will not be going back to that bar. I guess the lesson learned this weekend was always ask where your going before you leave.


Emily said...

Ah, Jess, you looked cute, it was them who looked wierd!

Anonymous said...

Laughing for you... cause that's a great visual of you walking into a hard-core biker bar. Fabulous! Any chance my hubby was there? Punches thrown sounds like something right up his alley. :) - tif

Missy said...

Whew! What a night! Glad you survived & I would have been totally scared too!