Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kite Flying

Last year about this time Dave and I were at Target and saw some kids kites on sale for $3.00 a piece so we picked one up for Emma and Ian with the thought that we would take them out on the next nice spring day. Unfortunately Mother Nature did not want to cooperate when Dave and I had the free time. So the kites sat in Dave's office for weeks and weeks and then got moved to behind the love seat in his office and you know the saying "out of site, out of mind".

Then fall came and winter and the kites got moved to the basement where they stayed until this evening. When I left work at 4 today I was completely surprised by how sunny and warm out it was. The forecast was calling for a high of 65 and rain but it was sunny most of the afternoon and reached a record high of 79. It was very windy though which gave m the idea to finally get the kites out since Dave was only working until 5.

So I came home and made a quick dinner of Johnsenville Turkey Cheddar Brats (they are so good you can't tell they aren't beef and they are half the calories) and fries. Then it was off to the soccer park better known as Crusiser Park to fly the kites.

I was kind of surprised that Emma didn't like kite flying that much. She flew hers long enough for me to snap those pictures and that was about it. She more happy to run around in the open field and just watch which of course meant that I was the one flying her kite. I was also surprised at how well these cheap kites did in the crazy winds we had.

Ian on the other hand absolutely loved flying the kites and had that cute grin on his face the entire time.

He liked to run with the kite flying high behind him. He may be a little guy but he hung onto that kite really well!

After about 40 minutes with the kites we loaded them back into the car and headed for the park at the end of our street to play on the swings and slides for a little while and then on the way home we just had to go by the DQ for some ice cream!

What started for me as a lousy, gloomy day ended as a sunny, happy day and the kids were so worn out that it only took them about 10 minutes to fall asleep tonight.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't the weather absolutely gorgeous?! I had no idea it was so warm out either until David called me during Noah's nap to ask if I'd been outside yet. I'm so glad he called, because we spent the rest of the day/night outside enjoying that amazing sunshine! Now today... brr. - tif

Stuart Forsyth said...

You are an example of why I have the business I do. The return to basics and the fun on the cheap idea is what keeps families together. Kite flying has been a staple for many years in my house and has made many great memories for my kids as well as myself. Glad to see your little guy loved it so much. And if your daughter wants to just run around in the open field,that's cool too.
Dont let the kites sit idol this summer. Your kids will thank you for it.

Lindsay said...

What a great idea! Looks like a lot of fun........I got the kids kites last Easter but we never thought to get them out when it was windy I'm not sure what happened to them??? I'm sure Mason would love it. I might have to get more this Easter and actually use them. :)

Oh and yes it was beautiful yesterday, I just wish it would stick around. :(

Missy said...

Beautiful pictures! And what a great idea with all this wind we have been having. I might have to stop by Target soon!

Kara said...

Your day sounded a little like mine. It was gorgeous so off to the Park we went. && you can never forget Dairy Queen. They go hand in hand!! Looks like you had a nice family day :)