Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dinner and a Drive

Last night my mom, the kids, and I met Dave up at Easton for dinner. My mom had called Thursday evening and asked if she could take us to dinner she would pay and we could pick the time and place. Of course I am not one to turn down that kind of proposal.

Dave has been in the mood for a good burger lately so we decided on Red Robin since they have good burgers and are kid friendly. We met Dave there at 6 so they were busy but we got lucky and only had a 10 minute wait because we agreed to take a booth with Ian's highchair on the end.

We ordered the Onion ring tower for an appetizer and both the kids ate two onion rings a piece. Ian ordered the corn dog and broccoli and Emma got a cheeseburger and oranges. When the food arrived Ian decided that he didn't want the broccoli anymore (I tried to tell Dave he wouldn't eat) so we gave Ian some of our fries and Emma got the broccoli. Both the kids ended up eating every last bite of food they had. I'm not sure that has ever happen when we've gone out to eat before. They were also very well behaved which was surprising for me because they had done nothing but fight all afternoon.

After dinner we came home and my mom went off to do her grocery shopping. I'm pretty sure the kids have reached their limit for being inside at home and were itching to get out even at 8 o'clock at night. Now normally 8 is bedtime for them but after all the food they had eaten they were wired and I knew there was no way they would go to sleep. So finally Dave and I decided we would all take a nice country drive.

We drove about 15-20 minutes south to a very small little town, drove around that town, and then headed back. By the time we got home both the kids were sound asleep in there seats. Thankfully I was smart enough to have them put their pj's on before we left the house so Dave and I took their coats and shoes off and then put them in bed.

What was a rough morning and afternoon of playing referee for me turned out to be an very nice evening.


Tiffany McCallen said...

How nice to have a pleasant end to the evening. :) And dinner at Red Robin sounds great. I do LOVE their burgers. YUm!

Lindsay said...

I love Red Robin....sounds like a nice evening!