Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunshine, Cleaning, and Sangria's

My weekend started off with a phone call at 8:30 Friday morning, a mere hour after I got to work. Ian was vomiting at the babysitters and running a fever so I had to leave and take him home. He got sick once in the car on the way home and then two more times once here then he fell asleep and woke up good as new a few hours later. As much as I didn't want to leave work and use more of my time it ended up being a blessing. The sun was out and it was finally warm. While Ian slept Emma and I started on the spring cleaning I had planned for the weekend. We got the kitchen, living room, and dinning room done. After Emma ate her lunch I decided it was time to let her play Mario Kart on the new Wii we bought Thursday. It was so cute watching her learn how to use the steering wheel. While she was playing Ian woke up and of course he had to get in on the action. It only took one race for him to offically be addicted! Since Ian was all better my MIL decided she still wanted them for the weekend so my mom and I took the kids up to her and made a pit stop at Polaris Fashion Place. I couldn't believe how warm it was when my mom and I walked out of the mall at 9 that evening.

Saturday Dave had to work as usually and he woke me up to say good bye a little after 8 that morning. I remember thinking that I would just lay there for a few more minutes, the next thing I knew it was 10:30. I couldn't believe I slept that long but it felt so good. The first thing I did was let Ginger out and unlike usually it was already hot outside. I came back in and opened all the windows in the house and turned the fans on to get the air flowing. Our house doesn't have central air (don't gasp it's ok) but we do have wondow units. Of course we don't have them in since it's April and it was in the 30's and snowing the begining of last week. I was a little worried that if I didn't get the air flowing early it would be too hot by mid afternoon. I always forget how cool this house stays when the windows are open. After that was done and I ate some breakfast I continued with my spring cleaning and tackled the breafast nook (a useless room in this house) and the dreaded bathroom. By the time I got done with those I hopped in the shower and got ready for the day. Then it was off to Wal-mart to pick up some things for dinner. With the sunny 80 degree weather it called for grilling. I purchased a couple of steaks, a baked potatoe for me, brocolli for Dave, and salad for both of us. I also bought some ingredients to make an Adkins Diet Chocolate Moose and White Wine Sangria (Dave is currently on the Adkins diet and doing great). When I got home I had to start the Sangria so that it had time to chill in the fridge. I thought it turned out really well. We had friends come over after dinner so I made a double batch and I probably drank half of it by myself. If you want to check it go here. The chocolate moose wasn't bad but you could tell it was diet. Like I said though some of our friends came over and they brought their Wii remotes and a few games. The guys played the Metallica Gutiar Hero for a while while us girls talked and when they were finally finished we all played Monopoly on Wii. I wasn't sure what it was going to be like but it ended up being really fun. Me being the dork I am thought it was cool how you had to shake the controler to roll the dice. It came down to Dave and our friend Christen who finally forfited to Dave because it was after 3 am and everyone but Dave was falling asleep.

Sunday both Dave and I slept until 11:30 which is the latest I have slept in a very long time. A friend of mine from high school's mother passed away last week so another friend and I decided to go to the showing yesterday afternoon. So I got ready for that and ate some lunch. When I got home from the showing my mom came over and the two of us went upstairs and cleaned the kids rooms. We also rearranged Emma's room to the way I wanted it when she got the big bed last year at this time. It looks so much better and she has more room to play now. I should have taken a picture of it for all of you to see how cute it is but I didn't think about it until just now so sorry. :) Dave also finally got around to putting the vanity my MIL got Emma for Christmas together and it is now in her room. By the time I was done with all of that I was so hot a sweaty because it was close to 90 yesterday and we only had ceiling fans upstairs. I'm pretty sure I lost a few pounds from sweating though.

I was sure when I got up today I would be sore from all the cleaning and bending but I surprisingly felt pretty good and it was so nice to wake up to a clean fresh house that has all the dirt and grim from the winter gone. I should say that I wasn't doing all the spring cleaning for myself even though I should have. At some point this week an Insurance Adjuster is coming out to look at the roof because we are getting a new one and they need access to the attic which you have to go through our living room and dinning room to get to the stairs in the kitchen and then up to the kids rooms. While my house is not a dirty one it is lived in one where both parents work and there are two young kids. I didn't want some stranger coming in for the first time and seeing it in it's normal everyday condition so until this man gets out here I will be a stress ball trying to keep my house prefectly clean. Is anyone else as crazy as I am? Anyway my point to all of this is even though I spent my kid free weekend cleaning I still got to enjoy the gorgous weather and I had some fun with friends so in my books it was a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

You're so productive! I'm envious!! - tif

Missy said...

Look at you Girl! I need some of your energy today! Send some my way! I am planning on doing my spring/summer cleaning next week. I would love to knock out in two days like you did!

Lindsay said...

Sounds like a very productive weekend......I need to do some spring cleaning as well!

Raven said...

Sunshine & Sleeping in! Can it get any better than that? :)