Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Does anyone else think this week is dragging on and on and on?

Really, I left work on Monday thinking it was the longest day ever, only to go back yesterday to what seemed like and even longer day. I'm sure waking up yesterday morning thinking it was Wednesday did not help but still.

Then today I woke up, took my shower, did my make-up and hair thinking the whole time that it was Friday. It wasn't until I took my phone off the charger and looked at it that I realized it was only Wednesday. I'm glad I figured it out at that point though because I was on my way to get dressed which would have been in jeans. Of course we can only wear jeans on Fridays so I would have been sent home if I showed up in them today. Anyway, I got to work and by 9am I felt like I had been there for two days and it just got worse.

I am praying that tomorrow actually goes by quickly because I am starting to loose my mind.


Anonymous said...

I feel ya! I'll be all over TGIF in a few days. - tif

Emily said...

I am so with you.
I love you and cheers to speeding it up!

Jen said...

Absolutely. This week is forever. I had a huge rockin' headache today that didn't help the day. I think I am sporting a fever tonight on top of it. Aren't I a ray of sunshine?>??

Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

It actually doesn't feel like it to me for the first time in weeks. But I think its cuz its a fairly normal week. Hope it gets better so you can get to your fun weekend!