Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Question # 1 Answered

Yesterday I asked for some help with blog topics because I'm feeling stuck in a rut. So today I will answer the first question asked and tomorrow I will answer the second one.

First up is Mrs. Tif at McCallens Mussings with this:

I'd like to hear about your best summer adventure... because even though we're having a spring preview, I'm desperate to have more sunshine in my life right now! :)

So my best summer adventure! I really had to think about this one for a while because allot tended to happen during the summer for me as a pre-teen and teenager. I mean every year of high school we spent one week in July at Band Camp where I would end up going to the hospital for some reason. Then there was the summer mom took us to Disney World but I don't know that I would consider than an adventure. Of course there was the summer before my senior year where I spent most weekend nights at some party or in the woods drinking anything we could get a hold of. If we were desperate enough we would get a case or two of beer and the beer bong and head down to this spot under and underpass and get drunk there. Yes I know we were not so smart but this is what we did.

Even though some of those things were risky they still didn't seem adventurous enough for this question and then it finally hit me. About a month after I graduated High School a group of friends and I piled in a car and drove up to Cleveland to spend the weekend with one of our friends who had moved up there. She was living with her Aunt and Uncle for the summer and babysitting her young cousins before she started College at Kent State in the fall.

So four of us girls piled in a car very early on a Friday morning and drove up. It should have been a three hour drive for us but there was some major construction traffic that delayed us and then a detour that we got lost on so it turned into a four hour drive. That still put us at our friends house by mid afternoon. We helped her babysit the rest of the afternoon and then we all got dressed and headed into downtown Cleveland for a fun night on the town. I don't remember everywhere we went that night but I now most of the places were on the docks by Lake Erie. I know this area had a name but I can't remember it.

The next day we spent doing allot of site seeing types of things like the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame and a few museums because we were nerdy like that. We also went out to the Horse Farm where our friend was riding at and those of us that had non open toes shoes got to ride. This of course did not include me because I only packed sandals for the trip. We finished the night at another family members house swimming and goofing off until the early morning hours.

Our last day there we went back into the city to go to one of the main malls there. On our way there we got lost for the second time on this trip and the person driving turned the wrong way down a one way street. We had cars coming straight at us and no where to go. The five of us in the car were screaming at the top of our lungs and by the grace of god we were able to get off onto a side street. we did finally make it to the mall and ended up eating at the Hard Rock Cafe that was attached to the mall.

I think the reason I would consider this my favorite summer adventure was because it was the first trip I took without my mom, grandma, or a school chaperon.

So I hope this worked for you Tif and thanks for the questions.

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Tiffany McCallen said...

That does work!!! Thanks for entertaining me, Jess. :) You really did have a weekend adventure... much more so than any I had at that age.