Monday, February 23, 2009

Lil Sis

Today is all about my lil sis because it's her 25th Birthday. I can not believe I just wrote that. She should not be that old yet it's just crazy to me.

Anyway my sister is a character all her own. She LOVES her birthday more than any other day the entire year. Every year she plans a huge birthday party with all her friends (all million of them). She buys a dress, shoes, purse, jewelery, the whole works for this party every year and usually has a blast.

This year didn't work out so well for her though. She started the evening off with dinner at Typhoon (sushi) with her closest friends and other than there table not being ready when they got there it was great. After that they headed off for a bunch of different bars and clubs and that is when things went south. Apparently a guy she was taking to for a while but stopped showed up and was being a bit of a dick so much so that she had to keep herself surrounded by friends at all times so he would leave her alone. She also had an old friend yell at her but I don't know why and another friend ditch her. the final straw for the night was when she was standing at the bar talking with friends and some strange guy standing beside her pukes all over the front of her including her face. Somehow she managed to no get sick herself but she couldn't get this guys vomit off her. I think it's a good thing that I was not there with her or I would have hit that guy for puking on her, who does that kind of thing?

Anyway after that she went home and to bed. I felt so bad yesterday for her when she was telling me about her party this year. She was so excited about it and had been counting down the days for two weeks. I just hope that today her actually birthday is much better and that maybe the meal I made for her last night helped a little too!

*If anyone knows any nice, cute, single guys that love sports and are looking for a girlfriend let me know because my lil sis is single and looking. Just don't tell her I said this. :) *


Tabi said...

What a crappy birhtday celebration....hopefully her day will be loads better today!!! Tell her that I said "Happy Birthday!"
I hope you too have a good day!

Anonymous said...

Ooo... that does suck. At least she still gets to celebrate. There's something to be said for that! - tif

Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

Awe!! That totally stinks!!! I do believe she got puked of my friends narrowly missed the same fate this weekend. She asked if a guy was ok, he says ya I'm great and turns his and and puked! ICKY! On a totally different brother is 25, speaks Japanese...single...lives in Seattle and loves to sports. LOL!! Just saying...I can't pass up the opportunity to find him a great woman!! ;) LOL

Emily said...

That sucks DONKEY Jess, please tell your sister that we all hope that she has a wonderful actual birthday.
Gosh, could it get much worse, puke on her face... ahhh I am dying for her.
Love you and cheers to your sis's 25th actual day being vomit and ditch free!

Lindsay said...

Wow, poor Steph....that sucks! I don't think I could have handled that so well. Well I hope her actual birthday was much better! :)