Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of School

This morning Emma started Kindergarten and yes I cried.

I got up early and took Ian to the babysitters. Anyone who knows my two knows how close they are and even though Ian has lots of friends at Sheree's and he loves her he stilled cried because sissy wasn't with him. Of course that made me cry a little but I know he will be fine.

I came back home and Dave and I started breakfast, we made cheese scrabbled eggs, bacon, toast, and some strawberry milk for Emma. While I was finishing it up Dave went and got Emma up.

I love how she is always so happy when she gets up but today you could tell she was happier than normal. We all sat down and had breakfast together and then while Dave got ready for work I got Emma dressed and fixed her hair. This is the one area I feel bad about for Emma. See Dave will be taking her to school everyday because he doesn't have to be at work till later. This means that he will be getting her ready because I will be at work before she even gets up and he will have to help her do her hair. For the last few weeks I have had Emma practice wetting her hair down and scrunching the curls back up and then she can put a headband in her hair. I figure headbands are the way to go because she and Dave can handle those. So since she will be wearing headbands when I'm not around I decided the let her pick how I was going to fix her hair. She wanted it down and curly so I just pulled the front back to keep it out of her face and she looks so cute!

Before we got in the car I snapped a few shots of her in her super cute outfit that she picked out, and some with her new bookbag on which she also picked out. I also got one of her with Dave and one with me.

Doesn't she look adorable!!!

We arrived at school just a few minutes before they were letting the kids in but the three Kindergarten teachers were waiting in the hall for their new students so we introduced Emma to her teacher and just like Dave taught her Emma walked up to Miss Goldman and said Good morning I'm Emma Wilson. I had to fight back the tears at that moment but I put on a big smile and gave Emma a great big hug and told her to have fun. Then Dave and I walked away leaving our big girl with her teacher. When we turned the corner I looked back one last time and Emma had a smile on her face and was happy as can be which is good but it was at that point that the tears came. I'm not worried about Emma at all, she is smart and she knows how to take care of herself and I know she will make all kinds of friends and love school. I'm also not sad because she is getting older, I love that she is growing up. I actually cried more because I was happy for her. She has wanted to go to school for two years now and she finally is which makes me so happy.

Ok now that I have the tears going again I am going to go and find something to do while I enjoy this beautifully sunny unseasonably cool day.

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Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

She is such a big girl! She is absolutely adorable on her first day of school!!! Hope she has a wonderful first day!