Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Movies, Movies, and more Movies

Dave and I have finally joined the Netflix bandwagon. Looking back I'm not sure what took us so long. For the past three, four, maybe five years we have been renting the movies from our OnDemand which has worked fine and we didn't think the $3.99 price tag was too bad. It was cheaper than going to blockbuster or the theater.

Amazingly enough neither of us have ever wanted to see a movie that we couldn't find on there or at Blockbuster until a couple Sunday's ago. In Savannah they mention on numerous occasions the book and movie Midnight in the Garden of Good an Evil. Somehow Dave missed seeing that movie when it was really big and if you know Dave at all you know there is no way he has ever read the book. After we took the out of the Mercer-Williams house Dave said that he wanted to rent the movie when we got home to see what it was all about.

So the Sunday after we got home I stopped in at Blockbuster but they didn't have the movie. In fact one of the employees did a search for it and Blockbuster has never carried it on DVD only VHS and none of the stores around us had any copies. Feeling a little bummed I went home and did a search online and was able to find a DVD on sale for $.25 but it seemed silly to pay $5.00 in shipping for a movie that cost a quarter. It was then that I decided to check out Netflix, there website had a free two week trial and since they had the movie in stock and it said it would arrive in one business day I said what the heck. During the sign up process for the trial you of course have to pick a package to have once the trial is over if you don't cancel in time but I was surprised to see how cheap it was. Way cheaper than what we spend in OnDemand movies each month. It made me even happier to see how quickly they have shipped our movies out to us, and even better than that is all of the movies you can watch on your PC.

In the last week and half the kids have watched 7 or 8 movies on the computer (it's been raining allot) and I have watched about 10. The best part is I can put my headphones in and watch one on the laptop while Dave or the kids are watching something else on the TV. I've been able to watch all the chick flicks I want which has helped with my horrible stressed out mood lately. So thank you netflix for the great services you have given us and don't worry we wont be cancelling you.

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Anonymous said...

I love Netflix, although we're not using it right now. We're hooked on the $1 rentals at WalMart and Kroger. Can't beat the price! - tif