Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Put it in Park

Earlier this week I had dinner with my friend Jenn (who I see often and talk to everyday) and two of our friends that we had not seen since High School. As any typically dinner with old friends goes we talked about all the stories from high school. One of the stories my friend Kristina brought up was one I had forgot even happen but it made us all laugh.

Around the time all of us were turning 16 my baby brothers dad Kirby had a beautiful Mustang. One afternoon Kristina was over and I think we were working on a school project. Whatever it was we were doing we had to run to the store and we were able to talk Kirby into letting Kristina (I didn't have my licence yet) drive the Mustang. I still can't believe he said yes but her did and we thought we were so cool driving around in it.

We eventually got to the place we were going and but when we went to leave the car wouldn't start. Of course we both completely panicked, we thought we had broke Kirbys car. The car he LOVED. I don't remember how long it was or how we figured it out but eventually we realized that the car wasn't in park.

When I got home that evening I was telling Dave about the story and like any man he shook his head and said what is it with women and doing that. Now normally a comment like that would tick me off but not this time. I actually think he might be right this time. Other than that time I did it once and my uncle had to come get me because I thought my car was broke. I also now that my sister and few other girlfriends have had similar situations. So why is it that we can't remember to put the car in park?


Tiffany McCallen said...

Because we're too busy remembering a dozen other things! Great story, Jess.

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

I have done the same thing, called my husband, he was going to leave work and then I figured it out. Embarrassing! Then I had to listen to him all night about put the car in park! Men!