Saturday, August 29, 2009

Look Alikes

This past Thursday evening Dave and I had to go to Emma's kindergarten orientation at her soon to be school. We started in the auditorium of the school and the principal, President of the PTO, and all three Kindergarten teachers spoke to us. When they were done they posted a list of students and which teacher each student had and we had to go to that teachers classroom. Emma's teacher is Miss Goldman who is young and pretty and I think Emma and her are going to get along very well.

Once in the classroom we had to fill out some forms and turn them into Miss Goldman. When I walked up to her and told her who my daughter was she turned and looked at me and said "wow your daughter looks just like you". Now Emma was not with us so she remembered Emma from her testing on Monday afternoon and I'm hoping she remembered for a good reason.

Of course this isn't the first time I have heard this, in fact I hear it all the time. It is true though the older Emma gets the more and more she looks like me. When she was first born she looked more like Dave than me but around 18 months the curls came in and ever since then she has looked like me.

My favorite pic of the two of us

Being like me seems to stop at the looks though, personality wise Emma is so much like my sister. Emma can make friends with anyone anywhere she goes, she is so outgoing and friendly and I love that about her. She is also they type of kid who always wants to be on the go and doing something. Don't get me wrong she can sit still and do something for long periods of time but she doesn't like to just sit around the house which I'm sure will drive me crazy when she is a teenager. I wasn't like that as a kid. I was shy and while I liked to go places on trips I also loved to just sit and relax.

I have recently discovered that there is one part of Emma that is like me though. We were in the car driving home the other day and Emma decided to tell me about her problem. It seems that everyday on our way home from the babysitters house in Emma's mind she pretends she is holding a saw and cutting down every tree we drive by. Apparently these thoughts are starting to bug her because she also told me she is very tired of cutting all the trees down but she doesn't know how to stop thinking about it. I'm sure you all are thinking she is crazy but when I was a kid whenever we were driving on the highway I would count the white dotted lines on the road in my head. I used to drive myself nuts doing it but I couldn't stop it. The older I got the less I did it until I finally stooped. I have no idea why I did it or what it means that I did and I really haven't thought about that in years. I guess whatever it is I've passed it on to my daughter and I feel bad about it but it seemed to make her feel better when I told her what I used to do.

As Emma gets older I hope she doesn't hate looking like her Mom and having inherited the crazy parts of me, but only time will tell.


Tabi said...

I LOVE that picture! It's too cute of both of you!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

You both do look a lot alike! Both Beautiful!