Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Day Off

This morning Dave and I took Ian to his Endocrinologist appointment. We weren't sure how it was going to go so we both took the day off just in case there was blood work that needed to be done.

Thankfully there was none of that and the appointment went well. Ian has grown enough in the last six months to maintain is 3rd percentile curve. A centimeter or two less and he would have been below that and in bad territory but since he is maintaining we are going to continue to monitor. So it looks like we have another 6 months in limbo mode hoping and praying that something is jump started. I know it could be worse but this limbo stuff is really starting to get old.

Since Ian did so well at the doctors Dave told him we would go and get him a new leapster since his stopped working a couple weeks ago. We decided on Walmart because we needed a few grocery items and Dave need a new pair of hair clippers. Since we didn't have anywhere to be we looked around at some other items and then headed for the checkout. We only had a few items so we went through the self checkout which ended up being stupid on our part. We had to wait forever for the attended to come over and type in some code because of the Leapster, then we had to wait again for her to come and check Dave's ID after swiping our card. By the time we had finished checking out Dave was highly irritated and just wanted to get out of there.

Of course as we were walking out the door the stupid alarm went off but we just kept going because we knew we paid for everything. After I put Ian in his seat I noticed one of the greeters standing on front of our car writing our licence plate # down. This was the final straw for Dave and he flew out of the car and confronted the greeter. Dave then went into the store and asked to speak to a Manager. The women Patricia at the Customer Service desk asked what was going on and she laughed as Dave explained the situation. That prompted Dave to come back to get the stuff out of the car and then return it. When he got back up to Customer Service another women was there and she did call a Manger for Dave and he told her what had happen. Of course she was unhappy that the greeter came out to the parking lot like that. This employee had told her that he asked for our receipt which I didn't hear him but regardless that man was not law enforcement so he had no right to treat us as though we were criminals. The manager agreed and she did say that was against company policy. Unfortunately for them they lost a sale because we still returned everything and went to Target.

It ended up paying off for me because the line of kitchen accessories that I have been buying a few pieces at a time were clearanced so I got the rest of what I wanted. That included the napkin holder, 2 trivets, the cookbook stand, and the coffee and sugar canisters.

Minus the walmart incident this day has been a nice day spent with my two boys and I'm glad I took the whole day off.


Tabi said...

I'm glad Ian is growing enough to not be in bad territory! Let's pray you see a huge jump in this next 6 months!!

Good for you hubby for standing his ground! I really wish we had a target here...the closest one is 45 minutes away!

Kelly said...

Oh, how I hate Walmart!!! I try not to step in that store....I think the last time I was there was about 2 years ago; I get so frustrated each time I'm there.

I'm glad thinks went okay at the doctor's....I know limbo can be a drag - hang in there!!