Saturday, January 30, 2010

Teachers Choice

When I picked Emma up from school Thursday the first thing she told me about her day was that they had an assembly at school and she won an award. She wasn't sure what the award was but she said it was in her folder.

As soon as we got home I opened her folder and found two awards. One was the Teachers Choice award and the other was The Most Improved Student. On the Most Improved Student it said it was for Emma knowing all of her upper and lower case letters and over half of the Kindergarten sight words. I'm still not sure what the Teachers Choice but it seems like it's a favorite student type of award.

This past week we also got the second nine weeks grade cards and Emma is either right where she should be or above that level. I am just so proud of how well my baby girl is doing in school and I love that she loves it.

Way to go Emma!


Kelly said...

Way to go, that girl an ice cream!! :)

Anonymous said...

Huzzah! Give her a squeeze for me! :) Tif