Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Worried and Scared

I've been keeping a secret since Christmas because I was asked to by someone very close to me. I'm still being asked to but after today I need a place to talk about it so I'm going to share something here but I wont be saying who this is about because they don't want it known yet. I will refer to this person as Eliza to avoid using the this person a million time.

Eliza had her regular OB yearly appointment and the OB did the normal check up. When she felt Eliza's neck she felt a rather large mass in the area of her thyroid. After a closer exam the Doctor said it appeared to be a tumor and that it needed to be looked at as soon as possible.

Eliza was finally able to get into her regular Doctor today and she confirmed what the OB had said. It is a thyroid tumor and more test need to be ran. From research that's been done and what the doctors have said there are different test you would have done if you thought it was just an enlarged thyroid, those are not the test being ordered for Eliza. All of the test Eliza needs are strictly for Cancer. Eliza's doctor said she was worried because Eliza has not been sick since last fall yet her lymph nodes are very enlarged. Typically with thyroid cancer it first spreads to the lymph nodes so this is not a good sign.

I am trying to stay positive for Eliza and for myself but the signs are all pointing towards this being Cancer. I know that if you are going to get Cancer this is the kind you want because of how easy it is to treat and how successful those treatments are but it's still Cancer. I also know that this still may not be Cancer so I could be worried for nothing. At this point there isn't a whole lot that I can do other than be there for Eliza when she needs to talk but it just doesn't seem like enough.

When I know more I will be sure to update everyone and when this person is ready to let people other than me know about this I will tell you but until then just say a prayer or two for this very special person.


Anonymous said...

Very scary indeed! Many prayers to your Eliza. I hope a happy outcome is ahead! - tif

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Saying prayers for your friend.